In April 2024, Joshua Uebergang from Digital Darts is releasing…

“The Ultimate DTC Video Course To Profitably Scale Your Brand T0 $10,000,000+ Without A Huge Ad Budget”

Learn almost everything (without any fluff) about scaling a hugely profitable Shopify store like the “Big Guys”—even if you have a small ad budget!

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A Never-Before-Released Preview of What You’ll Discover

What will you get in the course? Put simply, the exact strategies for scaling your profitable Shopify store, minus all wasted money, time and forehead slapping:

  • The controversial reason you should focus on acquisition and not repeat buyers if you are doing less than under $30M.
  • How to use the “One Single Strategy” approach to propel your Shopify store to mid-7 figures. This is how you get more sales with less work and less stress.
  • Become an entrepreneur you’re PROUD of. How to develop the habits, daily rituals, and systems of the world’s most successful DTC companies so you build a lasting, profitable brand.
  • The Facebook and Google Ads settings to toggle that always increase sales.
  • How to crack the “YouTube Code” to create videos so good that people buy from you even if you have never hit record before. YouTube is the biggest opportunity for ecommerce brands to scale, but it’s also the hardest… when you don’t have this 8-step process. (No one has ever taught this “MrBeast formula” of driving views, subscribers, and sales for ecommerce.)
  • Everyday Google Ads pitfalls and their fixes. Do you make these 5 daily mistakes that throw away money? (Includes dozens of tips to turn Google Ads into a money-printing machine for your ecommerce brand.)
  • Copy this Facebook ads video to beat your current video ads. Smash the plateau of your Facebook ads. Steal the billion-dollar ad that continues to turn thumbscrollers into shoppers. (Also snag six bonus video ad formulas, and examples, that convert like gangbusters, which any ecommerce brand can insert into their paid social campaigns.)
  • The biggest eCommerce lies holding you back that are spread like a virus by gurus on Instagram. (Many head-slapping moments here!)
  • A simple “works every time” way to DEFY rising ad costs that prevents increasing competition from devouring your precious ad budgets. (The best part about this is that you will learn it in 30 seconds and it works especially well in those cut-throat markets with big players.)
  • The 6 rapid ways to boost your average order value for extra profit today. All of these can be done in one day. (I’ll show you how to do these order boosters in one day so you have customers giving you more money for life.)
  • The exercise to increase lifetime value of customers (Hint: It’s not running a loyalty program which is proven to steal profit from DTC brands.)
  • Immediately inject more profit into your ecommerce brand in 1 month—guaranteed. This video training Includes one commandment you can obey right now to increase profit overnight. (This one alone has helped DTC brands get sold for millions more.)
  • How to break through growth barriers with a sledgehammer, whether that’s a plateau for 1m+ stores or reaching 7+ figures if you’re just getting started.
  • The number one reason DTC brands fail is cash. Cash gives your business oxygen to stay alive and pump revenue-generating blood. Unlock the 9 tactics to double your cash in 3 months.
  • Drive down ad costs and get customers buying more products with high-converting landing pages. The DTC landing page formula that makes visitors whip out their credit card and how you can easily create them without any technical skills. (Once you watch these 30 minutes, you’ll never send Facebook ads traffic to a collection or product page again.)
  • Live the good-life with stress-free scaling. The PROVEN way to remove yourself from your ecommerce brand while getting more sales, so you can sip Piña coladas on the beach or create that next killer product.

Plus, hundreds more easy-to-use strategies and techniques that will scale your Shopify store and help you build an empire you’re proud of.

This course is an A-Z training on scaling your ecommerce store in a real way never seen in any website, course, or book. You learn how to become an unstoppable founder, think and act with laser-like purpose to grow your business, drive sales through all major digital channels without wasting time or ad spend, increase profit, and systemize your business for the good life.

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