An open article to Shopify store owners that want to rapidly grow from paid advertising. I provide…

“Google AdWords Management for Cut-Throat Ecommerce…”

Your AdWords Is Wasting Money and Missing Sales – Let Me Prove It Then Fine-Tune Everything About Your Campaigns Into a Sales Machine…

AdWords is easy to start but difficult to master. It’s the fastest most reliable traffic source to grow your Shopify store… when done right.

You’ve probably done AdWords yourself, had a consultant do it for you, or even had Google set it up. You are no AdWords expert and suspect your campaigns should be better.

You are faced with unique problems in your market with big advertisers who can out-bid you on keywords. You can’t beat them head-on with size so beat them with strategy. Request me to be on your side.

Claim your free AdWords consultation today with myself, Digital Darts’ Head of Strategy and AdWords veteran Joshua Uebergang.

You will get specific takeaways to make advertising for your Shopify store be ultra profitable. Unlock opportunities for growth that you’re blinded from.

I have managed ecommerce AdWords for over 7 years and am AdWords, video advertising, and ecommerce analytics certified by Google. I am also a Google Partner and qualified Shopify Marketing Expert.

What You Get in the Consultation

If you’re not doing AdWords, you’ll learn:

  • Little-known ways to beat out your giant competitors
  • How much you’ll pay per click
  • How much you should spend
  • What return to expect
  • A future plan to continue profit growth

If you already do AdWords, I look over your account and guarantee to discover at minimum three cash-leaks.

Enquire with Your Free Audit

Claim your consultation with me so you are guided where to go next for maximum profit. Allow for a 15-minute talk to cover your lessons. Fill in the form below to claim your spot this week:

I will then get back to you via email to schedule your AdWords session over the phone.

Google AdWords Optimisation for Your Shopify Store

Can you do AdWords yourself? Yes. There are many courses and guides out there. However, AdWords is easy to start and hard to master. Even if you were to try learn and test strategies for one year, you continually have to get out your books to learn new best practices. Google release updates to their AdWords system every month.

You don’t grow working in your business. You grow when you work on it.

You could outsource to a large agency and become another cog in their wheel. You could go to a small agency and risk paying someone who doesn’t have ecommerce experience. You need someone who gets ecommerce things like the impact drop-shopping has on your margins or how important remarketing ads are for your holiday campaigns.

How easy would it be if you had a trusted partner to manage your paid campaigns that understood Shopify? You could work on other ways to grow your store.

When you choose to work with me, you know ad expenditure is the most efficient it could be and the exact return you get back on sales. You get monthly reports of understandable data made clear with my commentary.

You sleep easy at night knowing your advertising is done right.

How I Get Sales for Your Store:

Your store’s advertising needs constant work from someone who understands ecommerce to become profitable.

I am your dedicated AdWords manager with seven years ecommerce experience and now a Shopify specialist. Every week your AdWords is optimised with good performing campaigns, highly-clicked ad copy to drive down costs, and strategy guidance with visitor-data to get you revenue.

Your campaign is made profitable using a series of strategies that have worked well for my clients:

Setup of conversion tracking to identify sales
Narrow-themed ad groups with relevant keywords, ad copy, and landing pages
Reverse-engineering successful competitors using AdWords spy tools
Appropriate keyword match-type usage, filtering out of low performing keywords, and sculpting keywords into the right ad groups
Mobile, location, and time of day bid adjustments to improve campaign profitability
Full optimisation of ad extensions including callouts, reviews, structured snippets, and sitelinks
Budget allocation to profitable campaigns while fixing or cutting unnecessary ad spend
Ad position optimisation to achieve a positive ROI
Advanced segmentation and reporting in Google Analytics to increase visibility for prospective high-value customers
Assistance to have a clean, functional Google Merchant Feed with no errors
Facilitation of product ratings integrated with your shopping ads
Product feed optimisation with data titles, descriptions, and attributes to include core terms
Help getting you on Google Customer Reviews
Scripts and other automation methods for high-spend accounts to optimize bids and keywords every hour saving you money and increasing sales
Product-level dynamic remarketing ads
Creation of remarketing lists for highly-targeted remarketing

You get all this done by me: a real English-speaking Shopify veteran (no junior or undercover outsourced worker).

Start Today to Instantly Get People on Your Store Who Are Ready to Buy:

There are two AdWords services I offer to get sales for your store. Each are in Australian dollars.

For the consultation, I review everything in your account and point out what you need to do to cut costs and drive more sales. It’s the cheaper option and a good way to ease into our paid advertising relationship. For the management, I do everything for you.

Plan Features
Priceper period
  • No. Campaigns
  • No. Ad Groups
  • No. Keywords
  • Budget Spend
  • High Click-Through Ad Copy
  • Ad Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Remarketing
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Industry Expertise
  • Account Manager
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Email Support
  • Length
  • 1+
  • 10+
  • 50+
  • Over $2,500
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Dynamic
  • Yes
  • Shopify expert
  • Joshua Uebergang
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No minimum

– *Professional AdWords setup is required to create a profitable campaign. There is an additional one-time fee of $499-999 depending on the number of your products.
– I also manage Bing Ads for AU$300 per month. Bing Ads are very similar to AdWords, but at lower volume.

Some Client Comments

I had concerns about the cost of services because Joshua is not cheap to hire and also about different time zones, which could delay communication.

I tried AdWords before and wasted money with no return. Since Digital Darts took over, I’ve been amazed by the results as the costs have been outweighed by the growth in sales. My Google AdWords has consistently been over 800% return on spend.

The best things about working together is the growth in revenue, the very professional and great communication considering we are on opposite ends of the world, and the wealth of knowledge. I have learned a lot from Josh. Hiring Josh was one of the single best marketing decisions I have made. I will see the returns from this investment for years to come. He has increased my conversion rate, CTR, impressions and pretty much every other AdWords metric.

I highly recommend Digital Darts to anyone looking to invest in improving their Google AdWords.

Colin Pischke
We previously worked with a large UK Shopify agency. Wanting to take our store to the next level of profit and suspecting things could be better…Josh redesigned the store and setup and took over our Google Shopping campaigns with parameters set for spend and return on investment.

Compared to last year, transactions are up 43% and the conversion rate has increased 41%. We’ve had the biggest month in our history during what would normally be the quietest period all year.

Josh has been results-oriented, which is a rarity in the Google AdWords business where in our experience firms over-promise and under-deliver. He has been the exact opposite and took the time to understand our business and our marketplace. I recommend Digital Darts to other firms if they want to grow quickly, understand their business, and the specific barriers to customers converting.

Tracy Hodgson


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my AdWords services:

How are you different from other AdWords companies?

You’re an online store which means AdWords has a lot of unique features to improve the profit of your campaigns. Most so-called experts have no idea about shopping ads, feed optimization, dynamic remarketing, and other special features for your store.

Agencies charge a few hundred dollars in management fees for some junior fresh out of university to manage your account. Early in my career I’ve worked in these churn-and-burn agencies that only care about acquiring new customers.

I am a Shopify specialist with over seven years AdWords experience. You will work with me as your sole touch-point. Simple and easy. I can also guide you in all things to increase visitors and sales for your store.

How much do you recommend I spend on AdWords?

If you’re new to AdWords, I recommend beginning at $1,000 per month ($33 per day). The amount of clicks you get from that budget vary with markets and your competition. It’s generally a good amount to get results.

When you see the positive profit that factors in your product margins and other costs, then we can discuss a budget increase to scale the campaign for further sales.

What websites do you work with?

I only work with Shopify stores. I do not work on stores that promote gambling, pharmaceuticals, or offensive content – these stores often violate AdWords policies anyway.

Have a Question?

Have a discussion with me. Ask me any burning question that’s on your mind. Fill in your contact details.