A letter to Shopify store owners that are new or selling up to $30,000 per month needing more visitors and sales…

“Get Your Shopify Store Optimized For More Visitors And Sales In Under 7 Days…”

Let Me Fine-Tune Your Store With Over 25 Time-Tested Improvements To Grow Your Business…

Your Shopify store works and looks a little out-of-date. You want more revenue from the store, but don’t know where to begin.

Your store was never setup and designed for maximum sales because web designers are not marketing experts. Trust signals, eye patterns, behavioral analytics, value propositions, a visitor’s intent on your store, traffic sources… all these impact sales. The person who setup or designed your store didn’t know about these.

What sucks most is you don’t know what to do to get more visitors and boost sales. Your mind is buried in the store, you are time-poor, and you are overwhelmed with information.

Are You Ready To See Your Profits Curl Upwards Every Month?

It’s time to stop flying blind and starting scientifically increasing profits with my Shopify Growth Tweaks service.

My name is Joshua Uebergang. I am a certified Shopify Expert and Head of Strategy at Digital Darts where I make Shopify stores get more sales. I am author of the book Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization and other popular guides online.

You can tell your store is not the best. It’s a little slow, your competitors are ahead of you, and you cannot figure out what to do next.

You need a Shopify expert to do something now to attract visitors then turn them into customers. Every day you muck around with no expert guidance is a day of missed sales.

What You Get With Shopify Growth Tweaks

In 7 days I will fix problems and make improvements to boost profits. It’s much cheaper and effective at boosting sales than getting a new theme, working with another web designer, or trying random stuff yourself.

Several dozen changes are made from your home page all the way to checkout and emails that are proven to increase profits. The little changes add up to greatly impact your bottom-line.

The condition of your store determines what is done. Usually 30 changes are made. Example improvements include:

Reduction of unnecessary elements that decrease sales
Google Analytics configuration to more accurately track sales and visitor behavior
Title tag optimization for SEO
Meta description optimization to improve click-through rates on Google
Speeding up the store with image and code improvements
Product page layout
Cart page design
Cart abandonment email
Boosters to increase newsletter sign-ups
Menu and navigation links
Headlines that get attention and sales
Trust elements like badges
Fonts and readability
Advice for your positioning, guarantee, and shipping policy to maximize profit
Installing and configuring Shopify apps that grow your store
…and more

The Fast Way to Improve Your Online Store – Guaranteed

The complete optimization service is powerful at growing your business because your store has unique problems and opportunities. 2% improvements here and 5% improvements there, add up to double growth – sometimes more if your store is poorly setup. All done within 7 days.

The cost of this comprehensive service is simple. There are no hidden fees, surprises, or variable costs. It’s a one-time fixed cost of AU$2997 (ex. GST).

We aim to see growth immediately after the changes, but this depends on the size of your store. A store with 1,000 daily visitors will see results faster than one with 100 daily visitors. After 30 days (to provide certainty with a large “sample size”), I will review results.

I guarantee you will increase visitors from organic search, boost your conversion rate, or increase revenue per visitor, otherwise I revise your store until it does. My goal is to grow the profit of your store. You get peace of mind knowing your store is built to attract sales.

Shopify Expert Marketer

My confidence at guaranteeing results is high because Shopify have certified me as a Shopify Marketing Expert. I’m also author of the popular guide to increase Shopify sales called “Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization“.

When we work together, it looks like this:

  1. Discussion of your business and goals
  2. Full audit of your store to identify problems and opportunities
  3. One clear report of all improvements for you to review. What I do has worked for other Shopify stores so it’s rare to make a revision, but the option is there
  4. Fixes and reworks are made by me
  5. You are cared for over an entire year with discussions to keep your store growing

Why You Need to Optimize Your Store Now

Every day you try to make little changes or think about ways to improve the conversions on your store is a day sales fall through your hands.

Save yourself the hassles of making unprofitable site updates or freezing by doing nothing.

Allow me to become your secret weapon. I handle everything for you to get more revenue per visitor. It’s time to fortify your Shopify store into a battle-hardened website that converts visitors into sales.

Let’s boost the profit of your store now:

I look forward to hearing from you and working together.


Joshua UebergangJoshua Uebergang, Shopify Expert and author of Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my conversion optimization services:

What stores do you work with?

I only partner with Shopify stores. It’s one of reasons I can be so confident about increasing your sales. The Shopify Growth Tweaks are excellent for you if you’re new or selling up to $30k in product per month.

If you sell $30k or more revenue per month, my conversion service is more suited to you.

How does your guarantee work?

It’s simple. I guarantee you will increase visitors from organic search, boost your conversion rate, or increase revenue per visitor after one month, otherwise I revise your store until it does. Traffic across all channels is looked at in deciding this because stores get natural fluxes of low-quality traffic. Every store I’ve done the growth tweaks for has achieved a boost. You get peace of mind knowing your store is built to attract sales. If for some rare reason the growth is not there, I work until growth is achieved.

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