Steal My “Shopify Framework” that’s Helped 100+ Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Grow as Much as 2100% in 6 Months… WITHOUT Needing a Huge Ad Budget

Get more customers and sell more on Shopify so you can escape work you hate, pay yourself more and build a “forever business” you’re proud of.

If You Are An Ecommerce Entrepreneur Or Beginner Then PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, Whatever You Do…

Don’t give Google or Facebook another cent until you read this page!

Because I’m Going To Show You An “Unsung” New Approach That Can Achieve Results Like These…

“We were forced to stop accepting orders for months after paid social ads launch.”

“Revenue boosted by 2100% with minimal time invested.”

“70% revenue jump in 6 months with CPA down.”

“525% revenue increase in the first 4 months.”

Learn Almost Everything (Without Any Fluff) About Scaling a Hugely Profitable Shopify Store Like the “Big Guys”–Even if You Have a Small Ad Budget

If you want to scale an ecommerce store to 7 to 9+ figures while increasing your margins without huge capital investment… then this page is going to show you the best method I’ve discovered for doing that.

You see, I’ve helped over 100 Shopify entrepreneurs scale to $1,000,000 to $100,000,000+.

I created this course after witnessing so many 5, 6, 7-figure ecommerce entrepreneurs prevent themselves reaching 8-figures (and beyond).

Every single one of them was making the same mistakes.

They were their own worst enemy!

And it simply wasn’t possible to solve all their problems with weekly calls.

So I made this course instead.

This course contains—from start to finish—the exact strategies I’ve used over and over again to scale Shopify stores to 7, 8 and even 9 figures.

Now, Just To Prove The Results You Saw Above Are No “Outliers”, I’m Going To (Humbly) Share A Few More…

“Revenue up 1300% for etrnl rings, beating owner’s beliefs and prior large digital agency.”

“696% shopify growth in 1 year for Paramedic Shop.”

“700% revenue increase.”

“Operating since 2012 yet got 60% increase in revenue … after 9 months.”

So How Did These Shopify Entrepreneurs Who Are No Different From You, Do It?

How Did They Go…


Devastatingly small profits that make it hard to pay bills, hire support and invest in business growth.


Exhausted and time poor, struggling to find free time to spend with loved ones.


Crippled with self-doubt, confusion and frustration that had them feeling stuck and lost.


Seeing just a trickle of sales, each day and struggling to get marketing to really work.


Solving the revenue problem but constantly putting out fires, leaving their business on the brink of collapse.


Dramatically increasing margins so they can now pay themselves a 6-figure wage and invest how they want.


Enjoying real work-life balance by building a system-based Shopify store that frees up their time.


Always having total confidence and clarity about what’s needed to build a profitable business.


Generating a constant flood of customers that has allowed them to acquire more resources and live better.


Having systems in place that make their businesses robust and built for the long term, eliminating stress and worry.

Above all else… How did these ecommerce entrepreneurs go from an employee slaving away for a boss to being in complete control of their time, income and lifestyle?

Well, my eager friend, I’m about to show you because it just might also work for you.

But First…

I’m Not Going To Sugar Coat Things Here, The Dire Reality Is That 80%-90% of Ecommerce Businesses Fail.

Think about that… just 1 out of every 10 people who get into ecommerce succeed!

*100% Guaranteed. Instant online access.

But here’s the incredible upside you have in front of you…

The Ecommerce Market is Set to Grow to $5.6 TRILLION by 2027 And Savvy Shopify Store Owners Stand to Rake in $560 Billion of This!

Shopify on laptop

That’s Why I Believe Shopify Is THE Most Effective, Efficient And Ethical Wealth-Generating Machine Online

In my humble opinion, no other online business comes close.

This isn’t some rah-rah statement.

It’s based on scaling 100+ Shopify stores to 7, 8 and 9 figures.

But with the influx of money-chasers and “Shopify gurus” somewhere along the line, things got twisted.

But here’s the incredible upside you have in front of you…

The Odds May Have Turned Against You But There Is A Way You CAN Turn Them In Your Favor

The hundreds of Shopify stores I’ve helped turn around were struggling for so many reasons.

Marketing that wasn’t working.

No campaigns were scaling up.

Time being wasted on low value activities.

Lack of systems.

Confusion and lack of direction.

Whatever the reason—or REASONS—the outcome was always the same:

Ecommerce wasn’t delivering the income, lifestyle and meaning they craved.

Sound familiar?

Then I’m going to show you how they turned it around—and you can too!

Before I do, ask yourself this…

What Will It Mean To You When Your Ecommerce
Store Finally Brings In The Profit You Want?

Will it mean…

Working only when you want?

Spending as much time as you want with family?

Traveling and working from anywhere?

Paying yourself a wage that lets you live the lifestyle you want?

Finding true meaning in your life?

Being able to help and contribute to the lives of others?

Whatever the meaning of ecommerce success is to you, here’s how you can achieve it…

The Clear Cut Growth Course Is For Ecommerce Store Owners Who Know Ecommerce Is The Best Path To Financial And Time Freedom

Whether you’re confused about how to scale ads, make more profit, beat your competition, systemize your business, or transform yourself into someone capable of running a business you’re proud of, it’s all inside.

Clear Cut Growth is designed for the marketer or founder who wants the next step to scale their store—and is determined to take it.

There’s zero fluff that wastes your time as we’ve spent thousands of hours producing this course.

Clear Cut Growth course

Simply, This is the World’s Most Complete Shopify Course that Shows You How to Scale Like 9-Figure Store Owners

This Course is Built on my Proven BRAVE Model

To be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to be brave.

Envelop money icon

You bear the hardship and risk to develop new products that change lives.

Laptop icon

You create jobs.

Magnifying glass icon

You drive the economy.

You build, innovate and contribute.

To do all this you have to be BRAVE.

With The Brave Model, You Can Solve the Biggest Problems in Your Business Without the Need From “Outside Help” or Someone Managing Your Marketing


Become shows you what, and how, to change as an entrepreneur so that your business grows. Imagine yourself not just building a store, but crafting an empire. To lead this empire to greatness, you need to become the ruler it deserves. This section empowers you to rise as the ultimate empire builder, ready to reign for decades to come.


Re-focus has you work every day on what matters most as you master what drives real business growth. You’ll get more done in a month than an entire year without being busy.


Amplify distils the 20% of tactics and strategies that drive 80% of revenue in every major marketing channel, saving you years and potentially millions of dollars. This is the largest section of the course with the most dense training ever released to scale stores in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube, email, and more.


Value has you build real profit in your business so it sustains hard times and has objective worth to an outside investor or another company. You’ll increase profit and improve your cash flow.


Ecosystem reveals the freedom formula so you build effortless processes to do less and earn more. You’ll get a masterclass to recruit and retain your dream team so you have a business that runs well without you.

What You’ll Learn Inside this Course


The controversial reason you should focus on acquisition and not repeat buyers if you are doing less than under $30M.


How to use the “One Single Strategy” approach to propel your Shopify store to mid-7 figures. This is how you get more sales with less work and less stress.


Become an entrepreneur you’re PROUD of. How to develop the habits, daily rituals, and systems of the world’s most successful DTC companies so you build a lasting, profitable brand.


The Facebook and Google Ads settings to toggle that always increase sales


How to crack the “YouTube Code” to create videos so good that people buy from you even if you have never hit record before. YouTube is the biggest opportunity for ecommerce brands to scale, but it’s also the hardest… when you don’t have this 8-step process. (No one has ever taught this “MrBeast formula” of driving views, subscribers, and sales for ecommerce.)


Everyday Google Ads pitfalls and their fixes. Do you make these 5 daily mistakes that throw away money? (Includes dozens of tips to turn Google Ads into a money-printing machine for your ecommerce brand.)


The 6 rapid ways to boost your average order value for extra profit today. All of these can be done in one day. (I’ll show you how to do these order boosters in one day so you have customers giving you more money for life.)


The exercise to increase lifetime value of customers (Hint: It’s not running a loyalty program which is proven to steal profit from DTC brands.)


Immediately inject more profit into your ecommerce brand in 1 month—guaranteed. This video training includes one commandment you can obey right now to increase profit overnight. (This one alone has helped DTC brands get sold for millions more.)


How to break through growth barriers with a sledgehammer, whether that’s a plateau for 1m+ stores or reaching 7+ figures if you’re just getting started.


The number one reason DTC brands fail is cash. Cash gives your business oxygen to stay alive and pump revenue-generating blood. Unlock the 9 tactics to DOUBLE your cash in 3 months.


Live the good-life with stress-free scaling. The PROVEN way to remove yourself from your ecommerce brand while getting more sales, so you can sip Piña coladas on the beach or create that next killer product.

Plus, hundreds more easy-to-use strategies and techniques that will scale your Shopify store and help you build an empire you’re proud of.

This course is an A-Z training on scaling your ecommerce store in a real way never seen in any website, course, or book. You learn how to become an unstoppable founder, think and act with laser-like purpose to grow your business, drive sales through all major digital channels without wasting time or ad spend, increase profit, and systemize your business for the good life.

Here’s What You Can Achieve with this Course

“In four months, the revenue increased by 195%.”

“5-6x revenue increase for height dynamics + the quality of leads is phenomenal.”

“240% revenue growth in 18 months for TrueTrac.”

Regular 100% increases month-on-month for Wildcat Mini.”

If You Want to Build an Empire, You Must First Become The King or Queen Who Can Rule It.

This Course Will Turn You Into an Empire Builder Who Will Rule for Decades.

Peek inside the most in-depth training ever to scale your Shopify brand with over 10-hours of professional videos.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. How to Get the Most Out of the Course
  3. How to Get Support
  1. Your Business Will Fail Without These 2 Things
  2. The Best Skill to Develop in Ecommerce
  3. Debunking 8 Myths That Hold Back Your Ecommerce Store
  4. The LED Cheat Code to Skill Mastery and Lasting Change
  5. No More Excuses: The 4 Weapons to Crush Your Goals
  1. The Biggest Problem in Ecommerce to Avoid at All Costs
  2. How to Set Business Goals that Make Money
  3. The Daily Rituals to Get More Done This Month Than An Entire Year
  1. The Biggest Mistakes in Ecommerce Marketing
  2. How to Scale Your Marketing in 4 Steps
  3. YouTube Profit Playbook
  4. Facebook Ads Formula
  5. Google Ads Accelerator
  6. From Zero to SEO Hero
  7. Epic Ecommerce Email
  1. 10 Commandments to Guarantee More Ecommerce Profit
  2. 6 Rapid Ways to Boost AOV for Extra Profit Today
  3. How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  4. Double Your Cash in 3 Month
  1. The Freedom Formula: Do Less and Earn More
  2. Hire Right, Sleep Tight: The Masterclass to Recruit and Retain Your Dream Team

You get it all plus over a dozen bonus templates that plug into your business to save you time and money, and make you money.

*100% Guaranteed. Instant online access.

My “Call-Me-Crazy” 100-Day & 120% Money Back Guarantee

By the end, you will have grown your store to be more profitable, and be clear with how to grow it for the rest of your life.

If within 100 days of applying what you’ve learned in this course you haven’t increased your profits, here’s what I’m willing to do.

You can promptly be refunded your full purchase price. Simply email and we’ll process your refund. No hard feelings.

To claim the 120% money back guarantee where you get an extra 20% of the purchase price in addition to the full refund, email support. The Digital Darts team will then audit your emails, Google ads, and Facebook ads free of charge. We normally charge clients a minimum of $1,200 for this service.

You have 30 days to implement our recommended changes that are reasonable to implement in that time. Once you implement the changes, if your sales do not increase in 14 days compared to the prior 14 days, the extra 20% will be transferred to you.

Money back guarantee

Who Am I And Why Should You
Listen To Me Anyway?

Joshua Uebergang course creator

Hi, I’m Joshua…

My team and I have scaled 100+ stores to a level that owners and marketing managers have dreamed of… 1,000,000-100,000,000+7, 8 and even 9+ figures!

I’ve seen it all as a Shopify marketing expert, Google Premier Partner and Meta Partner over the last 9+ years.

And now I’ve combined every strategy, skill, tactic and principle into this course for the first time.

You can think of me as your ecommerce mentor.

My goal with this course is simple:


To transform you into the entrepreneur you need to be to scale your Shopify store so you can live the life of freedom I get the sense you want.


If you got into the Shopify game to earn more, enjoy more freedom and spend more time with your family, then you are the exact kind of entrepreneur I love working with.


So, let’s get down to business and scale your store.

Alright, Joshua, Tell Me Something… How This Course Is Different To The 943* Other Ecommerce Courses Out There?

*Estimated number. Don’t hold me to it. Feels about right, doesn’t it?

My Insta feed is swarming with 22-year-olds hocking ecommerce courses.

Standing in front of rented lambos, they sell the dream.

Promise the world from behind laptops next to the pool.

Some even say they’ll set up your store.

All for the totally reasonable cost of *rolls eyes* $2000-$5000.

And what do you get in return?

Basic advice like “pick a random product and try and sell it”.

Or “just copy someone else’s store and ads”.

Or “you don’t even need your own products, just find something on Aliexpress”.

Clear Cut Growth Is A Very Different Approach

Firstly, you’ll never see me in front of a lambo.

(Being 6’9 with 3 kids, a Kia SUV is more my thing).

Family in front of Kia

Clear Cut Growth covers everything from the foundation of being an entrepreneur to scaling a winning Shopify store.

These Shopify Owners Scaled with My Strategies That Will Work For You, Too

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Course…

Clock 24 icon

You’ve been sold the lie that all you need is a dropshipping store that can be set up in the next 24 hours.

Person sale icon

You don’t already have a store that’s generating sales.

Person clock icon

You think working harder, longer and faster is the answer to success (it’s not, it just makes you feel like you’re “busy”).

Phone money icon

You just want a “side hustle” to make some extra money on the side to pay for groceries rather than a real business.

Trophy shiny icon

You get easily distracted by shiny objects and buying new courses promising the dream but never actually apply what you learn.

Puzzle cog icon

You aren’t willing to spend a few hours learning just about everything you need to scale to 7+ or 8+ figures.

If any of this sounds like you, then, please, I beg you not to buy my course.

On the other hand, if you are serious about doing what it takes to scale to 7, 8 or even 9 figures on Shopify then…

What Price Would You Pay For Financial And Time Freedom?



Today, I’m giving you access to all the strategies inside Clear Cut Growth for just a fraction of that.

Just $997.

That’s less than the cost of daily ad spend for most brands.

Not bad for something that can help you scale to 7 to 9+ figures!

Busy warehouse

If Your Store Adds Another $1,000,000 That’s A 2000x ROI.

If You Add $10,000,000 Then That’s A 20,000x ROI.

And these figures are completely reasonable expectations.

Remember, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I’ve helped 100s of stores and a few have reached 100,000,000+.

Heck, even if you make $10,000, that’s a 10x ROI.

So, you see, the risk is minimal. Barely non-existent.

And with my course…

The Upside Is Uncapped

That’s what’s called an “asymmetric investment”.

This is the kind of investment where the upside is infinitely higher than the downside.

Worst case scenario, you spend less than $1,000.

Best case, you make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And remember, I 100% guarantee this course so the downside is actually ZERO.

All the risk is on me, really…

Ok, I’ve Said Enough. Now The Ball’s In Your Court…

The way I see it, there are two choices in front of you.

Choice #1

You keep doing what you’re doing, stuck in “ecommerce no-man’s” land where you work too much, earn too little, and stay handcuffed to your computer being fed distractions through obnoxious social media posts.


Choice #2

You make the simple decision to no longer accept the status quo and take real action to scale your store to one-million, ten-million, or one-hundred million so you can live a meaningful life of freedom.

Anyway, that’s the way I look at things.

But if you disagree, and think you’ll figure it out “eventually”, then that’s totally fine. No hard feelings here.

I know what I’d do.

But this is a decision you need to make for yourself today.

So, what’ll it be…

Ready to scale your Shopify store?

Ready to finally start paying yourself a comfortable salary?

Ready to stop wasting time and money?

More than anything… Ready to live the lifestyle you want for you and your family?

P.S. One Last Thing Before I Go…

If you’re a “scroller” who skips right to the bottom of the page, here’s the lowdown.


I’ve helped 100+ Shopify stores scale to 7, 8 and 9 figures.


My course contains the exact strategies I used to do this.


This course costs a measly $997 and will increase soon after the launch special.


You’re protected by my 100-day, 120% guarantee—if this course doesn’t help you scale I will refund your money PLUS send you an extra $200!


After payment, you’ll get immediate access to begin getting crazy amounts of customers and make your store more profitable.


If you aren’t already convinced it will work for you, here’s even more Shopify store owners to listen to…

“475% revenue boost in the first month for Sandy Feet Australia.”

“My City Plants losing money to 385% return.”

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