Attention Shopify store owner:

“Who Else Wants 4300% Returns On Email Marketing in Shopify?”

The Instantly Profitable Email Marketing Service Created Completely for You to Get Sales at Every Possible Chance…

Email is the old-school, marketing method smart stores optimize. It accounts for 7% of all ecommerce transactions. A study from Monetate looked at over 500 million shopping experiences and found email has the highest conversion rate over three percent – it’s that effective.

The marketing channel has a return on investment of 4300% according to Direct Marketing Association and 4400% according to Experian. Smart business owners know email lets you send a highly personalized message at the right time to drive sales.

If you have an email newsletter, do the occasional promotion, and even run abandoned cart emails – it’s time to jump your Shopify store to the next level.

Building a customer list and maximizing it is a potent investment of your time and money. There’s a famous marketing saying: “The list is where the money is.”

An average business survives with new customers, a great business thrives with engaging its existing customers.

Simple broadcasts, promotions, and newsletters is no longer enough. Sales skyrocket with modern methods of email marketing like automatically emailing customers 3 months after their purchase recommending a product that complements their last purchase. You’ll soon see more of these emails. Best of all, it can be automated so you sleep at night as your emails and store do the selling for you.

It’s Not All Rainbows, Email Can Inflict Blow After Blow If Done Wrong

If you pick the wrong email system, it’s like entering into a Formula One race with a Volkswagon Beetle. You lose against your competitors.

You hate the idea of staying up all night working with javascript, integrations, what subject lines to use, how to present your offer, and the list goes on.

Save yourself the struggle of strategizing, developing, designing, writing, and optimizing all your emails and let me to do it for you in plain English.

You Will Smile So Hard Your Cheeks Hurt

My name is Joshua Uebergang. I am the Head of Strategy at Digital Darts and a certified Shopify Marketing Expert. I live in Brisbane, Australia where I help Shopify stores get more visitors and sales. I’ve been automating email sequences and copywriting since 2007.

Allow me the pleasure to setup and optimize all your email marketing from sign-up to follow-up so your Shopify store finally grows.

Save yourself from your busy to-do list and the worry of doing email right. I setup then optimize the email campaigns of stores. I know what works and will get you the sales you’d otherwise miss.

You don’t lift a finger as I optimize everything about your email marketing so you can continue to work on your store (or have a weekend off).

How One Sentence Could Make You an Extra $2,000 a Month

It sounds too good. Listen to the science.

How do you currently capture email addresses? You whack a form on your website saying something like, “Sign up to our newsletter for specials and news.”

That plain form is a miserable formula to capture as few emails as possible. If you rewrote that one sentence to get just 50% more people to sign-up (it’s easy – I’ve created increases up to 780%), you can increase sales via email opt-ins by 50%.

If you previously made $3,000 from email, an extra 50% of people on your email list gives you $5,000 a month in sales.

Email capture optimization is a science that’s included in my advanced email marketing service.

Savvy Ways Your Email Marketing Will Become Your Hidden Fortune

The goal of ecommerce email marketing is to deliver the right content at the right time to maximize sales through the channel.

When you decide to work with me, you will get a seven-part strategy to grow your store with email:

Email capture is where a good campaign begins. You will rapidly build your email list with people interested in buying from you. Behavioral triggers, blog integration, popovers (they work every time), and more to boost email opt-ins. I also A/B split-test ways to make these awesome methods more elite.

You probably do this already, but do it poorly. No one reads a bad welcome letter of, “Thanks for signing up to our newsletter. Welcome to… Stay around to receive updates and news about…”

You should have an automated sequence of emails sent to newsletter subscribers educating them on their problem, what they care about, and tying the information into your products. This is particularly true if you sell expensive goods as your visitors may need to be educated.

People who sign-up to your list are most likely to buy in the next week because they are actively searching for products like yours. A good series gets them to buy from you. My clients have good success with a series of 4-5 emails.

A dead-simple way to boost sales 10-30%. Email people who get to the checkout page but do not buy. You will get a triple series of emails to minimize cart abandonment.

Most stores stop at one email. You’ll get more than that. Each has a specific purpose sent at an optimal time, to improve your store and score sales.

Example emails are transaction receipts, order updates, delivery confirmation, and customer account emails.

Tip: transaction emails have been found to get opened 8 times more than a normal promotional email. This means you should be sharing a blog article or making a request for the customer to refer-a-friend.

Provide tips they’re interested in, cross-sell products, and check-up emails to automate customer care. You will drop refund rates. Ask customers to upload photos of them with their product or write a product review on your site. Good reviews provide social proof to increase conversions.

Increase the lifetime value of a customer with a followup campaign. Your customers are the best profit source.

A split-test means 50% of people get one version of an email while the remainder get your second version. You track the metrics then see what gets more opens, clicks, and sales.

You will learn what works best for you as I test parts of your email like subject lines, offers, and timing then review your analytics to learn what gets sales.

I worked with stores who reached a 30% recovery from their abandoned cart email campaign when the email was sent 24 hours post-abandonment. It declined to 20% after 48 hours and 10% after 72 hours. Another store found the max conversions came after three days.

That’s why it’s so important to test and you will…

Extract Maximum Sales From Your Emails

But not if you sit around doing nothing. Keep moving forward.

I’m sure there’s one question on your mind right now: “How much does your email marketing service cost to increase my sales?”

Your killer Shopify email marketing campaigns to increase your sales has a flat one-time cost of $4,997 (plus the small cost of the email program). The investment includes everything from strategy, design, development, writing, and testing to do the seven-part email strategy.

When you consider email is the highest converting channel and has an ROI of 4300%, you need to do something.

What to Do Next:

The 7-point email strategy is devastatingly effective for stores. It is guaranteed to boost sales, reduce customer support, and increase store engagement. It works because the right message is delivered at the right time.

Time and effectiveness are your two most important factors in ecommerce so let me save you years of struggle.

Each day you fail to do email marketing the right way, you miss a tonne of valuable customer data and past sale opportunities. If you get sales each day, a comprehensive email strategy and execution is a high ROI activity that immediately pays for itself.

Stop missing sales from visitors and follow up purchases from customers. Know you’re doing everything right with email marketing by contacting me today to work on your campaigns:

Plan Features
  • A/B Testing Forms
  • Good-Looking Emails
  • Welcome Series
  • Abandoned Series
  • Order Emails
  • New Customer Series
  • Old Customer Series
  • Conversion Tracking
  • A/B Testing Emails
  • Analytics Analysis
  • Industry Expertise
  • Promotion Consultation
$1997per store
  • No
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • Shopify expert
  • No
$3997per store
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • No
  • Shopify expert
  • No

Prices are in Australian dollars.


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my email marketing services:

What email marketing providers do you work with?

I can work with any email marketing provider. The only question is the limitations of your email provider in executing the complex rules for automation to run successful Shopify email campaigns. Most Shopify stores are on MailChimp, which is a basic platform.

You need an email platform that lets you use special ecommerce marketing methods like send emails based on triggers with website behavior or purchase patterns – and report on everything so you can tweak and optimise. You need a Rolls Royce of email marketing, but you don’t have to pay for one. Klaviyo is great and Soundest does well too. You need systems setup to match your desired growth.

We can work together and decide the best option of either sticking with your existing provider or migrating you to a better platform that allows you to grow.

What websites do you work with?

I only work with Shopify stores. I do not work on stores that promote gambling, pharmaceuticals, or offensive content.

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