An open article to Shopify store owners wanting more sales…

“How To Get More Free Traffic From Google To Your Shopify Store…”

Shopify SEO Expert Reveals His Previously Hidden Step-By-Step Strategy To Skyrocket Sales From Google Search…

You have a good store, good products, and good customer service.

… but you look at the number of visitors to your store and wonder how you can get more people to visit! You know if more people saw your nice online shop, your sales would skyrocket.

Search-engine optimisation (SEO) is the best way to get more people for free to your Shopify store. It is the process of optimizing stuff on your store and off it to get your store showing in the top places of Google. (I’ll soon explain how exactly to do this so your flat sales line curls up.)

Google in a retail study found 75% of people turn to search engines to learn about products. Search engines are used more in online purchases than any other source like social networks, apps, or deal sites.

This leaves you the question: are you appearing first in Google’s search results for all your best keywords so people buy from you?

If not, you should consider working with a Shopify SEO expert to drive revenue through Google search.

My name is Joshua Uebergang and I am the Head of Strategy at Digital Darts. I developed a special SEO system called STEP to get more visitors and sales through organic search for your Shopify store.

The STEP SEO Strategy to Rapidly Grow Your Shopify Sales

You may have heard SEO is about using keywords in the right places. Keyword research is foundational to a good strategy but is only 5% of ecommerce SEO.

World-class SEO is not about the number of backlinks or keyword count. A good ecommerce SEO strategy uses technical optimisations, content, and relationships. The end result is a load of sales from bloggers and the media who mention your store.

Bloggers and media will link to your store to boost your SEO rankings and drive referral traffic when SEO is done well.

Here’s my step-by-step SEO strategy and approach to get you more revenue from Google organic search:

1. Strategy

  • A discussion of what you want to achieve with the SEO service. What will make you filled with joy? You understand exactly what to expect.
  • Review analytics to see your current website traffic, rankings, and opportunities.
  • Research search phrases your potential customers or clients use. Different phrases mean represent different stages of a user’s “think-see-do” buying process. You may rank number one or have keywords you want to rank for, but do they result or assist in sales? I use a variety of modern tools and paid services, a decade of online marketing knowledge, and the good old tactic of human conversation with you to discover your golden keywords.
  • Analyse competitors. What will it take to get where you want?
  • Define a timeline of goals and results. “What gets measured gets managed,” said management expert Peter Drucker.

2. Technical

a. On-page SEO
On-page optimisation refers to changes that happen on your website.

  • Content creation. Good product guides, reviews, videos, and related articles in your industry is the most reliable driver of visitors and sales for my clients. If you blog, you learn how to make it get you sales.
  • Content optimisation. Includes meta descriptions, title tags, and unique product descriptions. All changes are made to improve SEO and even conversions. I know how to write response-inducing copy too.
  • Page creation. Sometimes it’s best to set-up a new page for a particular keyword if your website does not have an appropriate page. I then craft its content to achieve SEO goals and have it suit your business. Door-way pages are avoided.
  • How can the site be made more trustworthy? There needs to be a clear support page, contact page, and shipping and returns policy. Google looks for these trust factors.
  • Bonus: Analytics setup and adjustments to accurately track revenue and key performance indicators. You learn exactly what works to create rapid growth upwards of 100%+.
  • Full check and setup of crawlability so every page on your store has maximum chance to get you visitors.
  • Image optimization. Includes renaming of files with a keyword focus and alt tag optimisation.
  • Canonicalization of URLs. Non-www, index.php, and various versions of the same pages are consolidated.
  • URL architecture.
  • Correct broken links, other links that produce undesirable response codes, and crawl errors seen by Google. This also helps visitors have a better experience on your website.
  • Schema markup. Very helpful for ecommerce stores to display data like pricing, reviews, and videos in search results to boost your click-through rate.
  • On-page link renaming and creation. Good internal links are one of many on-page SEO factors.
  • Speed optimizations. Includes image compression, g-zip compression, browser expiry times, and caching.
  • Social meta data setup to optimize pages for sales and SEO when they are shared on social networks.

b. Off-page SEO
A link from another site to yours in the eyes of Google is a thumbs up that your site is popular, is trustworthy, and should rank higher. Most SEO strategies and companies fail at this stage with cheap outsourcing – and never achieve the visitors and revenue because of it. Your off-page SEO includes:

  • Quality links through good content, relationships, and discussion. Build relationships with people because people link to you, not websites. Always ask, is this link for visitors or SEO? It should be for visitors.
  • Outreach to websites that mention you but do not link.
  • Blogger collaboration with reviews and giveaways.
  • Social media promotion. I have found when pages get Tweeted and Liked more, they rank higher in Google and receive more direct traffic. The social signals is a public relations tool for backlink and direct traffic opportunities.
  • Reputation management. Did you know Google grades how healthy your online store is by what people say about it all over the Internet? Your reputation needs to be positive.

3. Evolve

  • Tracking and reporting. My in-house tracking software monitors your rankings on a daily basis. As an SEO client, you receive access to a simple private online portal where you view all key data to track SEO performance. You also get a monthly report via email. Everything is accountable.
  • Optimisation. A good SEO strategy refines itself. What keywords get traffic and sales? How can this be further built? The longer your campaign runs, the stronger your presence becomes.
  • Expansion. What new keywords can be pursued? What pages and content need to be created?
  • Keep ahead. Your competitors do SEO too. Never stop your SEO strategy.

4. Protection

  • Education of best SEO practices like avoiding common SEO mistakes. Google’s algorithms perpetually change. Know the best practices which remain constant and protect your rankings. Sleep easy knowing your SEO strategy is right.
  • Training. I train you with what you can do to further grow from organic search if you want an extra nudge.
  • What Google changes are upcoming or were released that affect you? I look out for you so you can relax and profit.

As your dedicated SEO manager, I work through this STEP strategy to drive you more organic visitors and sales.

How Do You Know If This is Right for You?

  1. You need more visitors to your store to increase sales
  2. You have a Shopify store
  3. You want to work with a Shopify ecommerce expert who will advise you on all things with your store
  4. Profit is your goal in doing the SEO campaign

Every month you get a clear report explaining what was done, what needs to be done, and the results achieved. You know exactly how you’re going to see how much more revenue was driven from the SEO work.

Will You Finally Get The Traffic You Deserve To Your Store?

Or will you continue to let your traffic flat-line? Change for the better. Now’s your opportunity to work with a Shopify expert to grow your store.

I can only manage SEO for three Shopify stores per month because I do the SEO. There’s no cheap junior fresh out of university or dodgy overseas worker. Currently there is one spot open.

If you’d like me to become your secret Shopify weapon, get started below. Prices are in Australian dollars. I recommend the National plan for most stores to get great SEO results:

$3497per month
  • The SEO package perfect for Shopify stores that ship internationally.

    • 30-minute kick-off call to understand your business and your customers
    • Full on-page and technical SEO
    • Complete content strategy and creation
    • Off-page SEO
    • Monthly consultation and strategy review
    • In-depth monthly report
    • 100% guarantee
$897per month
  • The simplest option for Shopify stores wanting basic but good SEO.

    • 30-minute kick-off call to understand your business and your customers
    • Full on-page and technical SEO
    • No content strategy
    • Basic off-page SEO
    • In-depth monthly report
    • 100% guarantee

There are no required contracts and you can cancel anytime. Start today to get more sales to your store.


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my SEO service:

How are you different from other SEO companies?

You can see it in my strategy above. That’s how I’m different. Other companies will not do all that matters often only working on basic SEO like title tags and keywords. I am a Shopify specialist.

Most SEO companies have it wrong. They focus on rankings, not revenue. You should not care about extra visitors unless they convert into real dollars. It’s about generating the right kind of traffic. You get a highly personalized SEO service for your store where I zoom in on what matters to get you the best results in the quickest time.

What guarantees do you make?

I hear your goals and expectations as part of the SEO onboarding. We set traffic goals for the SEO that benchmark campaign performance.

I cannot give a money-back guarantee because I will spend hours upon hours working with you. Sadly, there are unscrupulous people that get the work done and experience fantastic increase in sales then request a refund.

Rest assure, I guarantee you will get world-class SEO and you can cancel anytime. I’m confident you will want to keep working together once you see the increase in visitors and sales from the SEO.

What is your secret to getting visitors and revenue?

I prefer to not call it a secret. I boost visitors and revenue with a clear proven strategy, creativity, and hard work. My SEO strategies are “white hat”. This means I follow best practices described by the major search engines. The white hat strategies ensure your store is protected from penalties and more likely to increase, rather than decrease, in rankings when Google updates occur.

What websites do you work with?

I only work with Shopify stores and do not work on stores that promote gambling, pharmaceuticals, or offensive content.

How long until I see first-page results?

That’s a loaded question. I can get you first-page rankings overnight, but will you get visitors and sales? My past client results show that the speed you get top rankings is influenced by the competitiveness of a keyword, the authority of competitors in Google’s eyes, and the authority of your site. These three factors are broad determinants of how fast you rank in Google.

Some clients get a jump in their very first month of SEO. Others take four months before the number of daily visitors curl up. If your site is penalized, it can take longer then suddenly hockey-stick growth occurs.

Short-tail keywords like “computer” take more than a year (and are extremely difficult) to rank for because thousands of high-quality websites compete for the keyword. “Sydney computers” is quicker and could take one year, yet it’s still a competitive phrase to pursue. There are many search terms your website is ranking for that you’d never consider.

First-page results is not a good measure of successful SEO. Think of SEO as a rising tide and your website the ship. When your SEO improves, it’s common for your website to rank higher for many keywords. This leads to figures like 10% growth every month.

It’s good to have a goal for mega search terms, but it isn’t required for success. I discover then optimize what search queries lead to more visitors and sales in the shortest time.

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