Shopify Marketing Services

Shopify Setup: Launch your new online store the right way

If you’re looking to move to Shopify or start a new online store, allow me to guarantee you a reliable, good-performing, and good-looking store. Do as little work as you would like.

Save yourself the stress of launching a Shopify store by getting it done right as I take care of almost everything for you.

Shopify Growth Tweaks: Rescue your online store in 7 days with over 25 store-building changes

Your store was never setup and designed for maximum sales because web designers are not marketing experts.

In 7 days I fix problems and make improvements to boost profits. It’s cheaper and more effective at boosting sales than getting a new theme, working with another web designer, or trying random stuff yourself. Read about the growth-guarantee you get and see what improvements are done.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get more cash-generating organic traffic to your store

93% of online experiences begin at a search engine with Google owning 70% of the market. This means your Shopify marketing strategy needs to include getting sales from positioning high in Google.

Is your store getting more visitors from Google every month or is it stagnant? Learn more about how we can do your SEO right to get you revenue.

Paid Advertising: Scale the number of profitable visitors at will with ads in Google, YouTube, and More

Smart Shopify stores killing it online use Google AdWords, YouTube ads, and other PPC avenues. It’s so effective because once you get a profitable segment, you scale it. Acquire sales at an acceptable cost then grow your campaign.

My PPC service is the fastest method out of all marketing channels to get targeted revenue online. Take the next step by reading about how the PPC service will help you.

Email Marketing: Get more visitors to buy and existing customers to buy more

Emails are the highest converting channel for ecommerce. If you have an email newsletter, do the occasional promotion, and even run abandoned cart emails – it’s time to jump your Shopify store to the next level.

Sales skyrocket with modern methods of email marketing. Best of all, it can be automated so you sleep at night as your emails and store sell for you. Read more about how email marketing will get you a great return.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Turn More Existing Visitors into Loyal Customers

If you want to guarantee you get the most sales from people who come to your Shopify store, discover my previously kept secret methodology. 50%+ boosts in revenue are common when Shopify owners follow the conversion rate optimization process. Increase your number of orders and average order value.

Don’t waste money on redesigning your store. I can tweak it into a revenue-generating machine. The service is available only for stores with half-a-million in yearly sales. Discover more about how to increase your Shopify sales.

Other Popular Services

As a Google Analytics expert, I have setup custom configurations for over 30 stores. I am blown away at how few store owners make use of their analytics so I provide support to help them make meaning of their data to rapidly grow. The last major marketing service I offer is social media advertising through Facebook and Instagram because these are the usually the best performers for stores.

Please contact me sharing what problems you’re having and how I may be of help.