About Digital Darts

Digital Darts is a Shopify optimisation agency that scientifically increases the profits of Shopify stores Worldwide. It is based in Brisbane, Australia, lead by myself (Joshua Uebergang).

I am a certified Shopify Partner, Shopify Expert Marketer, and Google Partner:

Why Clients Work With Me

  • I get great results. Marketing agencies show off designs, mobile apps, and awards. I build profits for Shopify stores. Improvements of 300% are common within a year.
  • Shopify specialty. I do one thing (boost the profits of Shopify stores) so I’m good at growth-hacking Shopify stores. I am a certified Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert Marketer. You get my 10-year ecommerce experience placed in your business to efficiently fix problems and grow to the next level. In 2010, I use to work with the Magento platform until it became inferior to Shopify. If you have a problem, I’ve fixed it before. You have opportunities for profit unknown to you – I’ve leaped those chasms.
  • Get what you need. I only work with 10 clients at a time so you get the focus and attention from an expert.
  • I’m trusted by industry authorities. I have been featured in trusted publications for ecommerce marketing expertise:
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Values of Digital Darts

  • Client growth is everything. I don’t care about lower bounce rates or Facebook fans. Even the revenue of Digital Darts takes the backseat to your growth because I believe this is key to the long-term success of Digital Darts.
  • Awards mean nothing. A campaign or agency award rewards design, functionality, or innovation with no thought to the effect on real business growth. Client growth trumps a trophy.
  • Stay agile. I work in remote offices throughout Australia to minimize travel time and maximize satisfaction with work-life balance. An hour spent working is more effective than time on the road. Online collaboration and communication tools make this simple.
  • I educate store owners and give back. The success of Digital Darts comes from word-of-mouth and sharing my knowledge.

Interested in Working With Me?

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