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We’ve been working with Digital Darts for about 2 years now and within the first month we saw a 475% increase in revenue which was amazing. We’ve recently had our record sales month which in that month alone we saw more sales than we had seen in our entire first year with Sandy Feet.

We looked at other digital type campaigns but none of them gave us a return the way that we have received in the work we’ve done with Digital Darts. I’m not over-stating that we wouldn’t have a small business without this growth.

Anita White

Digital Darts has outstanding knowledge of Shopify sites…to improve them. Joshua is blunt and honest with his feedback, and comes up with a range of actionable ideas, many of which we implemented, resulting in improvements in our conversion rate. We’d definitely recommend him to others.

Nick Paulson-Ellis

Digital Darts is amazing to work with! The team is smart, clear and concise. They are a great addition to our team and find new revenue optimization opportunities every month.