The Best Shopify Marketing App and Tools

Below is a list of Shopify marketing tools we’ve developed to help you get more traffic and sales to your Shopify store. Also included are our recommendations for Shopify apps or additional services in a particular area. These are the best of the best. We are a certified Shopify marketing expert who works with a lot of stores, tried many apps, and have discovered some sneaky tactics. I hope the list helps you.

Reporting, Attribution, and Profit

There are three metrics every ecommerce business investing in marketing needs to measure for optimal use of their money:

  1. New customer ROAS (ncROAS) measures efficiency.
  2. Marketing efficiency ratio (MER) measures effectiveness.
  3. Profit on ad spend (POAS) measures profit.

The problem is, how do you get this data?

All marketing channels cannot separate new versus repeat customers. The data exists only in Shopify so a solution needs to access your Shopify. You also need ad spend across multiple channels pulled together into one location. You need a third-party solution to gather the three metrics of ncROAS, MER, and POAS.

To get these key three marketing metrics, I recommend Triple Whale. The tool also gives you extra insight for decisions with your own server-side pixel to track first-party data. This deals with tracking limitations of Apple’s privacy policy.

We ask all clients to sign up to Triple Whale because it becomes the heart for growth. Triple Whale can become the central source of truth for your Shopify store to view all meaningful data in real-time.

See the tool in action to profitably scale your advertising.

Facebook Ads

  1. EcomVids – At last, there’s a company that can film and edit high-converting Facebook Ads without breaking the budget. The biggest challenge in doing Facebook Ads for our clients is getting them to film good content for video. EcomVids does all the scripting, actors, filming, and editing for you in a format we see kill it in Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  2. DataFeedWatch – For Facebook feed management. The most popular option you hear about is Flexify but it is simplistic. You can do whatever you want with DataFeedWatch. Some profitable tactics we have implemented for Facebook clients using the tool that you cannot do with Flexify include: 1) filling the feed with lifestyle images rather than white isolate photos (based on file name rules) which performs great for dynamic product ads because they look organic, excluding variants from ads when they are 60% or more out of stock (this has helped conversions), and injecting reviews into the feed to build social proof and reduce ad fatigue.

Google Ads

  1. DataFeedWatch – The ultimate tool for feed management in Shopify to work with all different channels and types of advertising. I extensively brag about this tool in my book Google Shopping for Shopify.
  2. Google Campaign URL Builder – Track any marketing campaign like Facebook ads or emails, in Google Analytics. I also developed a spreadsheet for you to track your UTM parameters so you know what each refers to.
  3. Google Ads Match Type Tool – Quickly create various match types from your broad match keyword list for Google and Bing Ads. The right match-type is one of the best ways to improve your AdWords.


  1. Related Blog Posts Shopify app – Quickly and easily suggest related blog posts to your readers anywhere on your Shopify blog to improve readership and SEO.
  2. Multi-Store Hreflang Tags Shopify app – Perfect hreflang tags for multiple stores even if you have different collections, pages, products, articles, or languages in URLs.
  3. Link Research Tool – Find quality guest blog opportunities and places to get good links for better SEO and website traffic.

Email Marketing

Most small Shopify stores are on MailChimp, which is a mistake. You need an email platform that lets you automate emails with the finest targeting based on user information, website behaviors, and purchase patterns.

Klaviyo lets you do the standard flows of cart abandonment, customer follow up, newsletter series, and anything you can think of: did a customer view a product for 5-minutes then fail to buy? You can automatically email them about the product and offer your support.

Setup is actually easy yet you have the nuances to develop advanced campaigns. One example is sending a cross-sell email to customers who brought one of your products 30 days ago then having this customer be synced with your Facebook Ads to deliver the same ad message. 90% of successful Facebook advertisers we see on Shopify use Klaviyo to help manage Facebook targeting. There are many other integrations at no extra charge within Klaviyo that make it a data hub for growth marketing.

The email platform is an investment for the lifetime of your store. You can sign-up for a free trial of Klaviyo here.

Capturing More Emails With Quizzes

When more people enter your email funnels, you get more sales. Marketers only think of pop-ups and other behavior-interfering messages with coupons as the means to capture more emails. Pop-ups work, but you can do more by also having valuable offers.

The most universal offer a Shopify store can make to increase email captures is a quiz. People love taking quizzes and sharing their answers with friends. We highly recommend Typeform to create quizzes that people enjoy answering while letting you capture emails.

Few people marry at first sight. If you’re running paid ads, 98% of people won’t buy the first time they come to your store. Of that 98%, a high percentage will never come to your store again. The growing limitations with tracking people online is more reason you need to capture someone’s email so you can stay top of mind and eventually persuade them to become a customer.

We’ve used Typeform with Facebook ads to capture email leads for under a dollar. When coupled with an email sequence in Klaviyo, you get an enormous advantage over competitors who try to sell products upfront.

Customer Support

The less time you and staff spend managing customers and enquiries, is more money for the business. Good customer support software is not only about time-saving, but it’s also an overlooked way to grow your store. By responding to social media comments and emails quickly, you create a good customer experience. The challenge a lot of sellers have is managing Facebook comments, Instagram comments, emails, form enquiries, live chat, and phone then you have customer and order details from multiple stores, integration wishes, and efficient order management.

There’s a solution that does all this and more. My recommended software for excellent customer support in Shopify is Gorgias. Gorgias enables merchants to centralize all their customer interactions in a Shopify-integrated helpdesk built with automation and monetization. Stores who spend over $5k a month in advertising on Facebook or Instagram should use Gorgias to improve their return on ad spend.

Shopify Referral and Affiliate Program App

Refersion is my recommended and most affordable app for a Shopify affiliate or refer-a-friend program. If you don’t have a referral program, you are losing money. Customers, YouTube stars, and bloggers will be more likely to review and promote your products once you get the Refersion app setup.

What I love most about Refersion is all your referral links point directly to your store domain. For example, a typical referral link is like: This has huge benefits in helping the SEO of your store by building its link profile. Other apps like Referral Candy do not help SEO because the links do not point to your store. The question mark part (query string) is not an issue if you have rel=”canonical” in your theme like most stores.

The second reason I love Refersion is if you move away from them in the future (you have no reason to right now!), old links still point to your store. I’ve seen traffic get cut off overnight when migrating platforms because the affiliate company hosts (controls) the links. This is how affiliate management companies hold you hostage to their software.

A third reason is your affiliates can link to any page they want. This means your affiliates can promote particular products or send traffic to email opt-in landing pages.

These are kickass reasons that make it the best referral program for Shopify. Sign-up to Refersion here. (Yes, that is my affiliate link. If you appreciate my insight, please sign-up through it.)

Profit Optimization

  1. Online Store Profit and Shipping Calculator – Free delivery is not always the best. Calculate how your delivery charges affect profit.
  2. Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization – My free book that is a complete guide to increasing sales, purchase frequency, and average order value from your store.

For more useful tools to market yourself online, see our article 21 Online Marketing Tools You Need to Use.