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Provide world-class SEO, Google Ads, and other marketing services to your Shopify clients with our Digital Darts partner program.

Help Your Shopify Clients Grow Further

We are Shopify marketing experts and always on the lookout to partner with top-notch agencies and freelancers.

Digital Darts does not show off designs, mobile apps, and awards—we only build profit for Shopify stores through effective digital marketing. Our one focus means we’re good at growth-hacking Shopify stores.

You get our 10-year ecommerce experience placed in your client’s business to efficiently fix problems and grow to the next level. If your clients have a problem, we’ve leaped those chasms.

Prospective clients you refer are assessed like anyone else to see if we’re a good fit. We don’t work with anyone who wants to do marketing with us.

Our partner program allows you to provide high-performing digital marketing services to your clients who are on the Shopify platform. Have a look at the Shopify specific services available for your clients:


White-hat and awesome. Drive organic search in ecommerce. See our ongoing SEO and audit service.

Google Ads

Shopping ads, feed optimisation, search ads, and complete qualified Google Ads management. Do Google Ads the right way.

Facebook Ads

Turn your client’s Shopify store into a revenue-generating machine. Facebook and Instagram ads that drives profit.

Email Marketing

Email is a different ball-game for ecommerce. Get your clients winning at their email marketing.


Collect data right and grow from it. See one analytics tutorial.

Have a question about our Shopify partner program?

White labeling is where a product or service is offered by one company then branded with another. We do not provide white label services because your clients get the best results and service when we all work together. Communication is more seamless, expectations are clear, and everything is transparent. Digital Darts provides an allied support and marketing leadership for you and your team.

Most likely, yes, because Digital Darts is not a design or development agency. As part of the partner qualification, we look at the quality of your work. If you deliver great work and match our client needs, you’ll often get referrals. Conversion optimisation most times requires design and development.

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