Be part of our remote-working, highly paid team

The team at Digital Darts represents the new era of a 100% digital, remote workforce. We believe in our ability to help e-commerce business grow beyond what they could do on their own.

We put our clients first and understand the success of their business is the most important contributing factor to our own success as an agency. This shows itself in responsibility, authenticity, and transparency. Our clients operate across a wide-range of industries, but with the foundation similarity of selling online through Shopify.

A career with Digital Darts offers an exciting opportunity to expand your existing skills and develop new ones, while working with Shopify businesses. Culture is critical so we take care of our team and their families.

Who We Are

Digital Darts is a Shopify optimisation agency with over 10 years of experience helping businesses grow through paid and organic digital marketing. We’re a small team of passionate, self-confessed nerds (in our own unique ways), who are marketing experts. Team members are a mix of new dads, travelers, and organic farming coffee-addicts.

We love turning up to work at our home desks with no shoes. We love figuring how to fix the problem instead of finding someone to blame. We froth at the mouth when doing a task the best it can be done. We care more for your intelligence and attitude than your experience.

Work from where is perfect for you

Want to work at a co-working space in Tokyo, or polish up a campaign while sipping a latte at a side-walk cafe? It’s all fine with us. Our team members visit family members interstate, travel overseas, enjoy their favourite cafes, and workout during the day.

You’re encouraged to embrace the freedom of working remotely. What this means for you is you:

  • Get to attend family events that matter to you.
  • Have passions outside of work.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Keep fit and healthy. (Some of our loves are calisthenics, mountain-biking, basketball, and yoga.)

Our founder Joshua has worked remotely for over a decade and will provide mentorship to give you the freedom and autonomy to work and live well.

You’ll discover new, delightful life skills

There will be new skills you develop every week in your role. It’s what happens when you get systems, discussions, and training to grow businesses.

Not everything is about your current role to grow clients. During our get-togethers, team members have the opportunity to present on topics that fascinate them:

  • Growing an organic farm
  • Cooking Filipino cuisine
  • The Bible
  • Optimising your time for work-life happiness


We offer benefits you’d expect from a top-performing company. The benefits evolve. In the name of our “truth and transparency” principle, team members have shaped these benefits:

Development. Learning is the life-force to performance. We allow $2000 per year and 2 conference or education days each year. The funds are used to quench our thirst for knowledge. (Online courses have produced a superior ROI compared to conferences.)

Anniversary. Each year on your anniversary, you’ll receive a gift that ramps up over the years. We appreciate having you on our team.

Health and wellness. Get $500 a year towards the gym or physical wellness activities.

Equipment. A little monetary bonus for all-things physical in your work environment.

Time off. We have mandatory time-off before Christmas into the New Year. Exact dates vary each year. Vacation time, sick leave, paid parental leave, and other Australian-standard types of leave are important to your well-being.

Gathering. Once a year we gather in person to meet and have fun. In 2018 we all did our first Escape Room. We beat it.

Digital Darts at the Escape Hunt 2018

Who You Are

It’s important we fit you as well as you fit us. We’re definitely not a fit if you work for a past client or are someone considering our services. There are some personal qualities that will help you succeed in the role:

  • You’re a self-starter and can manage your own work schedule effectively. If you require a boss to push you, you will not do well.
  • You show self-control and discipline. This is vital for working from home. How you feel must not affect your ability to show up and perform. We want people who demonstrate they hold themselves to a high standard in everything they do because flexibility is only possible with responsibility.
  • You value freedom of working by yourself when you want, more than being with an in-person team environment. If you want to have team lunches or Friday beers with co-workers, you should look elsewhere.
  • You constantly learn and develop skills. You’ll fit in if you value lessons to stay at the top of your marketing game. In each role you receive mentoring and access to world-class resources to help you grow.
  • You are a team player—that is different to a people-pleaser. You are positive. You look to fix problems rather than blame people. You want every team member to succeed. You can disagree tactfully with good reasoning.
  • Your professional experience includes anything from running your own e-commerce business to Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or SEO. We’re interested in hearing about your unique set of skills which you can bring to the table.
  • You have access to fast internet. It’s critical to productive work.
  • You want to share in the rewards of your work. We’re not your typical agency. You get rewarded for responsibility and improving your skills.

You may not consider yourself a phenomenon who has already done amazing things with their career. That’s okay. In fact, the best performing team members have been diamonds in the rough. You’re as good as the results you deliver.

If you’re unsure about your fit, but are interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you anyway.