Google Ads Prodigy

Expressions Of Interest

Do you feel like a hidden talent in the marketing world, with a mind ready to grow online stores? You’re yearning to showcase your attitude and develop skills, if only given the chance?

If this resonates with you, welcome. You’re at the right place, at the right time.

We’re Digital Darts, an elite Australian marketing agency with a mission to grow client Shopify stores so they become leaders. As Australia’s first agency dedicated to marketing to make it into the Shopify Expert program, we’re well-respected for our unique take on ecommerce growth. And it’s not just Shopify; we’re proud to be Google Premier Partners and Meta Partners too.

Now, let’s get to the point. We’re on the hunt for a Google Ads Assistant, but we’re not looking for the obvious candidate. We’re looking for an “Edison in the Shadows”.

Why Edison, you ask? Let me take you back to the 19th century. Thomas Edison, a name we now associate with the electric light bulb, was initially dismissed. Overlooked. His teachers told him he was too stupid to learn anything. Yet, he was a master of his craft, quietly perfecting his inventions. He had the environment and resources that let his genius shine when he sparked that famous filament, illuminating the world forever.

We need a marketing maestro like that. A full-time team member with a passion for Pay-Per-Click, ready to step into the PPC ring and emerge victorious. You’re not necessarily the loudest voice in the room, but you’re hungry to master the craft to be forged into an unbeatable, business-growing warrior.

In our team, your job will be all about transforming client stores through paid search campaigns, collaborating with marketing aficionados, and adding to our own Google Ads prowess. You will work directly with our Google Ads managers, supporting, observing, and learning everything from them.

We’ve been remote before it was cool. You’ll have the opportunity to work from anywhere, flexing your Google Ads muscle, and helping e-commerce businesses leave a positive impact on the world.

Ready to step from the shadows into the limelight?

Hi, I’m Joshua Uebergang. I’m seeking a savvy Google Ads Assistant who can help Shopify clients ascend to new marketing heights.

But let’s clear one thing first. This isn’t a gig for the Jack-of-all-trades, the master of none. No, this position demands mastery, a single-minded focus akin to Edison’s own pursuit of the electric light bulb. Google Ads must be your playing field, where you apply the resilience of an inventor.

When your fingers dance on the keyboard crafting compelling ad copy, the thrill is second to none. Each word, each phrase is another stroke on the canvas of a marketing masterpiece.

The moment a new Google Ads feature is released, you sit up straighter, hungry to log into an ad account to test it.

So…now, let me tell you more about Digital Darts.

I founded this agency out of frustration with the marketing world. I audited the Google Ads accounts of businesses managed by “leading” agencies. The change history of the ad accounts showed either no edits or changes that were not going to grow revenue. So, I decided to make a difference. Digital Darts is all about generating profit and being trusted.

If you’re ready to step out of the shadows and illuminate the world of ecommerce with your talents, we’re ready for you. Let’s turn the world of ecommerce on its head, one Google Ads campaign at a time.

Working at Digital Darts:

Our job at Digital Darts is to accelerate the growth of Shopify stores, mostly through paid advertising. We do it remotely so this is a remote position. Some of our staff have lived on remote organic farms or enjoyed working at home as new parents. You’re encouraged to embrace the freedom of working remotely. What this means for you is you:

  • Get to attend family events that matter to you.
  • Have passions outside of work.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Keep fit and healthy. (Some of our loves are calisthenics, mountain-biking, basketball, and yoga.)

With the growth of our Google clients, we’re after a new Google Ads assistant. You will work with all that’s involved in Google channels like search, shopping, and display plus YouTube ads. You will learn how to make AI work for you. Your work is about getting the most revenue at the target return on ad spend.

You are excellent at:

  • Copywriting to squeeze out the most clicks from ad and extension copy.
  • Asking lots of great questions.
  • Responsive, clear, and concise communication.
    Reflect on your performance and openly communicate to show transparency and responsibility
  • Testing new features, using Google Ads Editor, running Google Ads scripts, and fully using the platform to maximize client profit. Google Ads is your domain you know inside-and-out.
  • Self-management to get work done from home, manage multiple accounts, reflect on your performance, and openly communicate with our senior Google Ads managers. Transparency and responsibility is the backbone of successful collaboration.


  • Google Ads certified in Search, Shopping, AI-Powered Performance Ads, and Video. If you don’t have these right now, you know what to quickly do.
  • A thirst to master Google Ads. You study industry experts. If you do not have a curiosity to know everything about Google Ads, this position isn’t for you.
  • Data-driven in decision-making. You know Google’s metrics and are able to spot problems.
  • Genuine care for clients in maximising their campaigns and providing understandable reports. When clients stay on, you will earn more. You must be invested in each client’s business as if it were your own.
  • Self-motivated when working from home, integrity, and responsibility. You are responsible for the performance of campaigns and will do so where you want. If you need a boss to push you, you will fail at this role. It’s vital you are self-driven and enjoy working alone, otherwise you will not be happy.
  • Ideally Australian resident.
  • A sound understanding of full channel ecommerce marketing and growth.

Benefits of Doing Google Ads at Digital Darts:

We offer benefits you’d expect from a top-performing company:

  1. Development. Learning is the life-force to performance. We have the funds to quench your thirst for knowledge. (Online courses have produced a superior ROI compared to conferences.)
  2. Anniversary. Each year on your anniversary, you’ll receive a gift. We appreciate having you on our team.
  3. Equipment. A little monetary bonus for all-things physical in your work environment.
  4. Time off. We have mandatory time-off before Christmas into the New Year. Exact dates vary each year. Vacation time, sick leave, paid parental leave, and other Australian-standard types of leave are important to your well-being.
  5. Gathering. Once a year we gather in person to meet and have fun. One year we had a lot of food and did our first Escape Room. We beat it.
  6. Freedom. Enjoy the freedom to work from home (WFH) or a hot desk. Work whenever you want, but in the first month you will do Australian business hours. Go to the gym during the day, stay near family, and avoid the morning commute.
  7. Ownership. You will take ownership of client accounts then be paid accordingly and generously on a tier-system.
  8. Support. Receive daily support from ecommerce marketing experts. Be supported to grow your skills.

If this interests you so far and you fit, please take the next step by completing the online application form.

Answer the questions with detail. This is your chance to show me why you’re perfect for this role.


P.S. I want to hear from you today. Opportunities like this don’t come around often. When someone joins the team, they stick around for years.

Once you complete the next step, maybe we discover we’re not a fit. That’s all good.

It’s also possible we fit and you land your dream job. You’ll be glad you applied.

If you’re successful at getting the position, you will learn so much and develop a proven track record. From there, you will have the chance to take on more responsibility, grow further, and step into senior roles.

Thank you for your interest in this position.