SEO Prizefighter

Expressions of Interest

You’ve come across a dream-opportunity crafted for someone who wants to: make the sales of online stores curl upwards, change the lives of clients, be supported by ecommerce experts, and run-away from the corporate workforce that begs for purpose and retirement. We’re a small Australian marketing agency who helps Shopify stores worldwide get more sales. Digital Darts is Australia’s first agency focused on marketing to get into Shopify’s official Shopify Expert program. We’re also Google Premier Partners (top 3% of all partners) and Meta Partners. We’re growing so I’m on the lookout for SEO prizefighters who can win bouts for our clients. You will work with all that’s involved in SEO from technical audits, strategy, content, link building, and managing contractors. Your work is about growing client stores through organic search and our own SEO. You have the opportunity to work full-time from wherever you want growing ecommerce businesses that make the world better. We’ve been doing this remote thing 5-years before the pandemic shook the world. My name is Joshua Uebergang and I’m looking for a wise SEO manager to join our team. Anyone who says they do SEO isn’t right for this opportunity. Many SEO folk also do “Facebook ads”, “Google ads”, “graphic design”, and “print”. I want excellence. That means SEO is the ring you dominate at. You’ve taken bloodied websites penalized by Google, healed their wounds, and turned them around into first-page champions. When you discover a link building opportunity that you think will work, the adrenaline hit fuels you as you chase that next link victory. You figure out new ways each month to make AI work for you. While your friends eat food, you E-E-A-T content. So… I want to tell you more about me. I own Digital Darts. I started Digital Darts when I got sick of seeing Australia’s top digital agencies create awful campaigns and fail to care for the client with no basic edits to campaigns. One year into Digital Darts, it became clear that small business owners are lost as to what to focus on and are desperate to partner with someone they trust who knows how to get results. We get clients profitable growth otherwise there’s no point working together. You can check out client video testimonials on YouTube and many others on our website. I’m blessed to work with amazing brands and people. One client, Anita from Sandy Feet Australia said , “We looked at other digital type campaigns but none of them gave us a return the way that we have received in the work we’ve done with Digital Darts. So this growth means everything for us. I’m not over stating that we wouldn’t have a small business with out this growth.” Do you want to be part of it?

Working at Digital Darts:

Our job at Digital Darts is to accelerate the growth of Shopify stores through paid social, search, and email. We do it remotely so this is a remote position. Staff have lived on remote organic farms or enjoyed working at home as new parents. You’re encouraged to embrace the freedom of remote work. What this means for you is you:

  • Get to attend family events that matter to you.
  • Have passions outside of work.
  • Spend time with friends.
  • Keep fit and healthy. (Some of our loves are calisthenics, mountain-biking, basketball, and yoga.)

No two days are the same. One day you can type fresh ChatGPT prompts to create quality content while another day you’re emailing a university to get a client an awesome backlink on a student discount page. So if you’re done being a lone wolf marketer all too common at other agencies, or maybe you want to move beyond a team that isn’t growing to be part of one made of Kings and Queens of their own domain, then it’s possible we’re a match. You see, I’ve seen many guys and gals (but mostly guys) in the industry that waste their time on ineffective strategies. They talk but have no walk. They lack strategy. They don’t know how to use data for decisions. The perfect person for this position does things differently.

You are excellent at:

  • Writing and editing. You’ll work with writers, reviewing their work, and write to produce SEO-rich elements appealing to people derived from keyword research. There’s a lot of fun AI work too.
  • Extensive knowledge of technical SEO and auditing websites. For example, you know valid hreflang tags and the difference between 301 and 302 redirects. We’ll teach you what you need to know about Shopify SEO since we’re great at it.
  • Make SEO decisions from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, ahrefs, and Screaming Frog to get stores polished in best practices.
  • Link building. Always white hat. Creativity is sometimes required. We have the strategies and systems.
  • Empathetic communication and reporting with clients. Periodic calls.
  • Self-management to get work done from home, manage multiple accounts, reflect on your performance, and openly communicate with the company director. Transparency and responsibility are critical.


  • You have a thirst to master SEO. You study industry experts. If you do not have a curiosity to know everything about SEO, this position isn’t for you. You’ll still receive mentoring and access to world-class resources to help you grow. (You’ve signed up to our course right?)
  • You have a minimum 3-years doing SEO ideally in an agency environment.
  • Genuine care for clients in maximizing their campaigns and providing understandable reports. When clients stay on, you earn more. You must be invested in each client’s business as if it were your own.
  • Self-motivated when working from home, integrity, and responsibility. You are responsible for the performance of campaigns and will do so where you want. If you need a boss to push you, you will fail at this role. It’s vital you are self-driven and enjoy working alone, otherwise you will be miserable.
  • Ideally Australian resident.
  • A sound understanding of full channel ecommerce marketing and growth.

Benefits of Being Our SEO Manager:

We offer benefits you’d expect from a top-performing company:

  1. Development. Learning is the life-force to performance. We have the funds to quench your thirst for knowledge. (Online courses have produced a superior ROI compared to conferences.)
  2. Anniversary. Each year on your anniversary, you’ll receive a gift. We appreciate having you on our team.
  3. Equipment. A little monetary bonus for all-things physical in your work environment.
  4. Time off. We have mandatory time-off before Christmas into the New Year. Exact dates vary each year. Vacation time, sick leave, paid parental leave, and other Australian-standard types of leave are important to your well-being.
  5. Gathering. Once a year we gather in person to meet and have fun. One year we had a lot of food and did our first Escape Room. We beat it.
  6. Freedom. Enjoy the freedom to work from home (WFH) or a hot desk. Work whenever you want, but in the first month you will do Australian business hours. Go to the gym during the day, stay near family, and avoid the morning commute.
  7. Ownership. You will take ownership of client accounts then be paid accordingly and generously on a tier-system.
  8. Support. Receive daily support from ecommerce marketing experts. Be supported to grow your skills.

If this interests you so far and you fit, please take the next step by completing the online application form. Answer the questions with detail. This is your chance to show me why you’re perfect for this role. Josh P.S. I want to hear from you today. Opportunities like this don’t come around often. When someone joins the team, they stick around for years. It’s taken a baby for this opportunity to open up. Once you complete the next step, maybe we discover we’re not a fit. That’s all good. It’s also possible we fit and you land your dream job. You’ll be glad you applied. Thank you for your interest in this position.