A letter to business owners that want to launch a profitable Shopify store right now…

“Get Your Shopify Store Live And Selling In 30 Days – Even If You’re Not Technical…”

Let Me Save You The Stress Of Launching Your Online Store By Getting It Done Right As I Take Care Of (Almost) Everything For You…

It is scary launching a new online store. You need to write content, get product photos, handle the legal agreement, configure taxes, setup collections, and many other things to even start selling.

Then once you’re ready to sell, you worry if the new store will launch with a flop or do well. Your mind is buried in the store, you are time-poor, and you are overwhelmed with information.

Would You Like To Have Your Store Selling 30 Days From Now?

I have good news for you. I can help you go live and be selling your products within one month.

My name is Joshua Uebergang. I am a certified Shopify Expert and Head of Strategy at Digital Darts where I make Shopify stores get more sales. I am author of the book Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization which is the leading book on how to configure your Shopify store to get the most sales from every person that sees it.

Shopify Expert Marketer

You need a Shopify expert to do something now to get your project underway then turn them into customers. Every day you delay launching your online store, is a day of lost sales.

I’ve seen a lot of stores move from other platforms like WooCommerce or Magento to Shopify and not get setup right. They lose their Google rankings and their store is not well-optimized to extract the most sales from people who visit.

You Want A Profitable Now, And I Have Plan To Do It For You

When we work together, it looks like this:

  1. Discussion of your business and goals with a kick off phone call
  2. You complete the new store setup documents (it contains all things needed like customer support email address, payment methods, and preferred currencies). The only major work you have to do is product photography
  3. Selection of a store design good for your business
  4. Setup and customization of your store
  5. You work on anything you need like product photos
  6. Video training to help you manage the store to become self-sufficient

Provided that you are responsive in communication, most stores are able to launch within 30 days. This lets you get sales fast and solves the biggest problem in business, which is never getting started or being slow-to-market. I know you’re interested in working together as you’re reading right now, so keep moving forward.

What’s The Next Step In Working Together?

Allow me to become your secret weapon. I stick with you from beginning to launch (and beyond). I have a few options to give you an idea of the pricing. The custom setup option is also good for businesses migrating to Shopify:

Basic setup
  • Kick off phone call
  • Domain setup
  • Theme consultation
  • Full theme configuration
  • Basic shipping configuration
  • Tax configuration
  • Up to 2 apps
  • Up to 5 pages, not including content
  • Up to 10 products, not including content
  • Collections setup
  • Video training
Enterprise setup
  • Phone calls as required
  • Domain setup
  • All configurations
  • Theme customizations
  • SEO of products and collections
  • Google Analytics
  • All required apps
  • All pages
  • All products
  • Collections (categories) setup
  • Transactional emails
  • Pre-launch marketing plan
  • Video training

– The theme purchase, apps, and your Shopify subscription are not included in the costs. Such purchases for most stores are $300 for the first month then $50-100 per month.
– Graphical content assets like logo and photography are not included. I tell you exactly what is needed and how to do it well. The only work you have to do is photography (or I can refer you to someone who can do it for you.)

It’s time to fortify your new Shopify store into a battle-hardened website that converts visitors into sales. Save yourself the hassles of making unprofitable changes or freezing by doing nothing.

Fill the form below sharing your desire to work with me and any questions you have before beginning:

I look forward to hearing from you and working together.


Joshua UebergangJoshua Uebergang, Shopify Expert and author of Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization

Some Client Comments

This was the first time we have worked with someone for this type of project, so we were hesitant at first as far as what kind of results to expect.

Since our website redesign and updates, our conversion rate, average order and revenue have increased dramatically. Josh is very straightforward and always provides clear examples to illustrate his ideas and suggestions. Whenever an issue came up, he was quick to find it and always had a variety of solutions. He understands the Shopify platform and e-commerce inside and out, so there is no question as to his methods and solutions to improve performance.

Our business is running more smoothly than ever and we see the results daily. I would definitely recommend this to other Shopify users who want to see results and know for certain that they can trust the work being done and the suggestions for improvement.

Lindsay Hoffman HourglassBoutique.com
We previously worked with a large UK Shopify agency. Wanting to take our store to the next level of profit and suspecting things could be better…Josh redesigned the store…

Compared to last year, transactions are up 43% and the conversion rate has increased 41%. We’ve had the biggest month in our history during what would normally be the quietest period all year.

I recommend Digital Darts to other firms if they want to grow quickly, understand their business, and the specific barriers to customers converting.

Tracy Hodgson VanillaBikes.com


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my Shopify store setup service:

What stores do you work with?

I only partner with businesses looking to sell on Shopify. I’ve worked with WooCommerce, Magento, and other platforms, and they create too many problems, upgrade issues, and lack good features of high-performing merchants. It’s one of reasons I can be so confident launching your store well.

How does your guarantee work?

It’s simple. I guarantee you will increase visitors from organic search, boost your conversion rate, or increase revenue per visitor after one month, otherwise I revise your store until it does. Traffic across all channels is looked at in deciding this because stores get natural fluxes of low-quality traffic. Every store I’ve done the growth tweaks for has achieved a boost. You get peace of mind knowing your store is built to attract sales. If for some rare reason the growth is not there, I work until growth is achieved.

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