To Shopify store owners doing $500,000 or higher in yearly sales that want more profit…

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Supercharge Your Profit With The Ultimate Service To Convert More Visitors Into Customers – And Get Customers Buying More…

You’re an established store doing well, but you know it could be better.

Your store was never designed for maximum sales because web designers are not marketing experts. Trust signals, eye patterns, behavioral analytics, value propositions, a visitor’s intent on your store, traffic sources… all these impact sales. The person who designed your store didn’t know about these.

My name is Joshua Uebergang. I am the Head of Strategy at Digital Darts where I make Shopify stores get more sales. I am a certified Shopify Marketer Expert, author of the number one guide on Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization, and have helped online stores increase their sales for seven years.

Take the guesswork out of growing your Shopify store. Let me help you to stop losing sales each day.

Let’s say 2 out of every 100 people who come to your store buy. Your store has $40,000 in monthly revenue.

The store requires visitors to register an account before purchase. By having guest checkout, that one simple change can increase sales 50% like it has for other retailers.

Now 3 out of every 100 people buy and you make $60,000 in revenue per month.

That is one improvement you likely already have because your store is established. There are potentially hundreds of others. The biggest growth chances for you is best discovered from data.

Why This Is A Bulletproof Tactic to Trigger Visitors to Buy From You

Most conversion optimization is slow or wrong because it focuses on little tweaks like button colors or images. Nothing is tracked to see the mathematical growth.

The professional optimization I do for you is the most cost-effective way to fix friction, traffic, and marketing problems with your store then capture opportunities.

There is no guesswork because raw data is used from your analytics, user tests, visitor feedback, and my time-tested experience. The clear battle-plan you get partnering with me tells you the exact ways to inject profits into your store.

I’m going to be generous and let you see my previously kept secret to achieve this. Here are the four steps I will use to increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store to rake in sales.

The Previously Kept Secret to Quickly Increase Shopify Sales 30-100%

If your Shopify store is not optimized, you can increase your sales by 100% within 60 days from now. If it’s pretty good, you can increase sales by 30%. These are an estimated figure (not a guarantee) based on results other stores have experienced. I’m able to achieve crazy results because of my unique four-step process:

Digital Darts conversion process

1. Rules of the Game

Step 1. Rules of the Game – Get Quick Results

You have ideas about why your store is short of where you want it. I take what you assume is the problem at face value because I rely on evidence over theory.

I understand your vision, key metrics, and agreed upon goal then set out to discover why your store under-performs. User tests, data, and my experience of best practices reveal the truth of how to increase the sales of your store. Our rules of the game are now established.

2. Traffic Analysis

Step 2. Traffic Analysis – Attract More Big Buyers

Sell BMX bikes to grandmothers and your conversion rate will always be pathetic. Where do your visitors come from, who are your most profitable buyers, and does your offering match their search? You can have all the visitors in the world, but unless they want to buy or you begin building a relationship with them in preparation for a later purchase, you have achieved nothing.

I use a variety of analytical methods to deduce the quality of traffic and where your message needs to be so you get more people who beg to buy what you sell.

3. Visitor Analysis

Step 3. Visitor Analysis – Turn More Visitors Into Customers

Traffic analysis looked at visitors before they arrived at your site; visitor analysis looks at the people on your site.

Learn the most important changes on your store that can be optimized to turn visitors into buyers. Live user testing is super-effective at identifying roadblocks and strange problems visitors have with your store.

You discover the differences of people who buy and those who do not to make more visitors convert into real dollars. It’s not about traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

4. Market Analysis

Step 4. Market Analysis – Position Your Store to Beat Out Competitors

Do not make the mistake of blindly following what competitors do thinking their actions are an effective strategy to follow.

Deduce the threats in your market, the opportunities, and what relationships present power for your company. Your store is not an island. People are looking at your competitor’s stores, reading forums, and figuring out the best place to buy. Being positioned well in the marketplace is one of the many reasons my conversion optimization service is devastatingly effective.

What Does Working With Me Look Like?

First is a questionnaire then kick-off phone call to unravel “rules of the game”. We talk about growing your store, margins, and what you know about your customers. You get to ask me anything.

I run through all four steps of the conversion optimization process to identify the most important ways you can increase profit. We can run user tests, speak with customer support to see common problems, or setup surveys for those who abandon cart. I filter through the hundreds of common mistakes you could make to identify your biggest profit opportunities.

The data forms a hypothesis to test. I then work on what will have the biggest impact on your profit.

Improvements are tested if possible. (Some things like pricing cannot be split-tested in Shopify.) The new variation is presented to 50% of visitors while the old variation is seen by the other 50% so we see the exact affect on revenue to guarantee growth. Once the new variation is shown to increase profit, your store is permanently updated.

Each improvement I’ll send you clear reports of what was learned, the revenue improvement, and any important ways you can increase profits (like product photography). It really is a power-packed service you need today.

Why You Need to Optimize Your Store Now

Every day you try to make little changes or think about ways to improve the conversions on your store is a day sales fall through your hands.

Save yourself the hassles of making unprofitable site updates or freezing by doing nothing.

Allow me to become your secret weapon. I handle everything for you to get more revenue per visitor. It’s time to fortify your Shopify store into a battle-hardened website that converts visitors into sales.

Let’s boost the profit of your store now:

Plan Features
Priceper period
  • Store-Building Discovery Session
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Visitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • User Tests
  • Store Optimization
  • Order Optimization
  • Customer Optimization
  • Industry Expertise
  • Guarantee

*Price is in Australian dollars. Suitable for Shopify stores Worldwide. There are no extra fees. You will probably want to repeatedly boost your profits using the same strategies. Subsequent improvements are $1990.


Click to view answers to frequently asked questions about my conversion optimization services:

What stores do you work with?

I only partner with Shopify stores. It’s one of reasons I can be so confident about increasing your sales.

Many store owners and marketing managers Worldwide after going through my Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization book, request me to work with them.

To become a conversion client, you need to have half-a-million in yearly sales. If you have less sales than this, my Shopify Growth Tweaks service is suited to you.

What happens now that we've increased our store's conversion rate and sales?

There’s two things. We keep optimizing everything about your store so every touch-point brings in maximum revenue. From custom emails, to the thank you page, and new products. Ongoing conversion work is AU$2290 per profit improvement. How long it takes depends on the clarity of growth (statistic nerds call it “statistical significance”). An estimate length of time is one month.

We also talk about how to get more visitors to leverage the increased conversion rate.

How does your guarantee work?

It’s simple. At minimum one change must grow your profit compared to the old version. The growth is always measured as a test where the variations are compared over the same time against each other to eliminate quality of traffic, seasons, and other variables. A variation is considered an improvement once it hits statistical significance. If no improvement happens usually seen after 600 sales, I work until growth is achieved. I’ll send you more details once you inquire about working together.

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