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Suggest relevant posts of yours on your Shopify blog to improve reader engagement.

Boost your SEO with quality internal links and better Google crawlability.

Fully customizable, fast, and quick to install.

App Description and Features

Quickly and easily suggest related blog posts of yours to readers on your Shopify blog. Once someone finishes reading a blog post, you can suggest additional articles of yours for people to read like “You May Also Be Interested In Reading”.

You have full control:

  • Set the number of related posts to display to improve readership
  • Use the featured image of a blog post to increase click-through rate
  • Change the text displayed if there are no related posts
  • Determine what blogs to display on (great if you have multiple blogs you want to keep separate)
  • Exclude posts if they use a specific tag
  • Exclude posts from showing as a related post (great to hide one-time promotional posts)
  • Style the related posts so they look exactly how you want

It is fast with an in-built cache to never slow down your blog.

Use it free for your Shopify store by accessing the app in the official marketplace.

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You can read plenty more 5-star reviews in the app marketplace.

Help with the App

How do I install it?

Get the app from the marketplace. In your Shopify admin go to “Online Store” and “Themes”. Click “Edit HTML/CSS” for your live theme.

Select the file article.liquid then copy:

{% include 'relatedblogs' %}

Paste it where you want related posts to show. We recommend after {{ article.content }} so related blog posts display at the end of a blog post. Be careful of including the code inside conditional tags. Your theme should look something like something like this.

Your installation is done! You may not even need to configure the app.

In the rare case you cannot find {{ article.content }}, your article.liquid file will contain another liquid file that inserts {{ article.content }}. Look for any mentions of {% include or {% section which is how Shopify inserts liquid files. View the liquid files until you find {{ article.content }}.

How do I access the app?

Configure the app at any time by selecting the “Related Blog Posts” app from the “Apps” link in your primary Shopify admin.

How can I style the design?

The app uses your theme’s default CSS so I cannot personally support you to style it how you want. The suggested blog posts should look great out-of-the-box for most stores. If it doesn’t, you can enter custom CSS by going to the “Design” tab. Any web designer will be able to style it for you because the changes are basic.

The related posts are wrapped with an ID “relatedblogs” to easily focus your CSS. Here is an example of CSS to use:

#relatedblogs { width:400px; }
#relatedblogs ol { font-style:italic; font-family:Georgia, Times, serif; font-size:24px; color:#bfe1f1; }
#relatedblogs ol li { padding:8px; font-style:normal; font-family:Arial; font-size:13px; color:#888; border-left: 1px solid #999; }

This makes the related posts on the Shopify Solo Theme look like:

Custom design example

What is the blog ID?

The blog ID is used for exclusion rules. You can get the ID you want to exclude by visiting the blog post then copying the number from the URL. For example, leading Shopify theme developer Out of the Box use the app on their blog post:

Out of the Sandbox blog URL

The blog ID for this post is: 45970309

Related blog posts are not showing correctly:

  1. Check the one-line snippet is installed at the right place in your published theme. See the FAQ “How do I install it?” for more help.
  2. Do you have at least three blog posts published? You need blog posts otherwise there is no suggested posts to link to.
  3. Clear the cache. A cron runs every 24 hours to refresh the cache because Shopify does not have any hook to notify the app when a new post is made.
  4. Are you working on a preview theme? You have to copy-and-paste the relatedblogs.liquid and timestamp.liquid files in the “Snippets” folder of your live theme into the preview theme you’re editing.

How can I show blog posts on my home page or elsewhere?

The app is not made for this. If you’d like me to create a display of blog posts on your home page for your store, contact me for custom work. It’ll cost about AU$600.

How can I uninstall the app?

Remove the app via the Shopify apps of your admin. If you want to remove all pieces of code, remove the relatedblogs.liquid file in the “Shippets” folder and remove {% include 'relatedblogs' %} wherever you placed it in your article.liquid file.

My question is not answered, can you help?

The app is 100% free, but I try to help out when possible. Contact me with your question and share as much detail as possible to stop emails going back-and-forth. Please provide a 1) link to one of your blog posts, 2) screenshot of where you inserted the relatedblogs.liquid line of code as per the instructions, and 3) screenshot of your app settings. I cannot read your mind. If you don’t provide this information, I cannot help.

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