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Use the Google Ads Match Type Tool to automatically modify your keyword list into the appropriate match types for a PPC campaign. This is a broad match, broad match modifier, exact match, and phrase match tool for use with Google and Bing Ads.

Why do match types matter? Match types make or break the profit of your campaign by determining who sees your ads.

Copy-and-paste your initial keyword list in the free tool below. Use the Keyword Planner if you do not have an initial keyword list. No data is stored here so your privacy is safe. Check the match types you want on the left then click "Generate Modified List ››":

Unsure what to select?If your campaign is new
Start focused with exact matches and broad match modifiers of highly-relevant keywords.
If your campaign is old
Use all match types to expand your reach and test for profitable phrases.

Copy-and-paste your new keyword list below into your Google or Bing Ads campaign:

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What is Each Match Type?

Match type
Modifier symbol
Example phrase
Conditions that trigger a match
Example search
Broad match None Google AdWords Misspellings, synonyms, plurals, modified terms, any order, and similar searches. adwords help
Broad match modifier + +Google +AdWords Each word or it’s modification must exist in any order. No synonyms and related searches. tips for adwords by google
Phrase match “” “Google AdWords” The phrase and near variations in the same order appear anywhere in the search term. google adwords tool
Exact match [] [Google AdWords]
Exact search or a close variation. No other words can exist. google adwords

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