How to Give Google Analytics Access

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Google Analytics is our recommended analytics tool to grow your Shopify store because you can capture almost any data you want and then customize the data in reporting to help analysis.

If you grant too little access, you don’t give the person the ability to do what they need. If you grant too much access, you either expose unnecessary data or create a security risk. A user with Administrator access can remove everyone else from the account and delete it.

This 1-minute guide shows you how to give Google Analytics access so the Digital Darts team can spot growth opportunities by seeing analytics setup issues, what marketing is working, and what is failing to work.

Step 1

Sign in to Google Analytics. Navigate to your desired account.

If you don’t know the right email address that uses your website’s analytics, you have to depend on trial and error. Log in to Google with all of your email addresses then view what Google Analytics accounts exist under each email.

Step 2

Click the “Admin” cog-icon from the bottom-left:

How to access admin of Google Analytics

If your property is Google Analytics 4, the column is different but the admin is located in the same position:

How to access the admin of Google Analytics 4

Step 3

Under the first “Account” column, click “Account Access Management”:

How to give Google Analytics access - Account access management

Step 4

Click the blue plus icon to add a new user then select “Add users”:

Add users Google Analytics

Type the master@ email address seen in the image below then select “Editor”. Check the “Notify new users by email”. Ensure no data restrictions are selected.

Add roles and data restrictions Google Analytics

Click the “Add” button from the top-right then you’re done.

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