How to Give Google Analytics Access

January 22, 2014

Your Google Analytics contains a lot of powerful information about the performance of your Shopify store. It lets me spot growth opportunities.

To help me optimize your store and marketing, this is a simple quick guide to show you how to give Google Analytics access:

Step 1

Sign into Google Analytics.

If you don’t know the right email that uses your website’s analytics, just log in then see if you’re signed up to analytics. Otherwise you’ll have to ask your webmaster.

Step 2

Click “Admin” on the bottom-left then go to “User Management” on the first “Account” column.

Step 3

Type the email seen in the image below then check “Edit”, “Collaborate”, and “Read & Analyze”. This allows me to compile custom reports to understand and diagnose your store’s problems. Also check “Notify this user by email” so I get an email about the access.

How to add a user to Google Analytics

Click the “Add” button then you’re done.

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