How to Give Google Analytics Access

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Google Analytics has business-building data to grow your Shopify store. When you give Google Analytics access, I can spot growth opportunities by seeing analytics setup issues, what marketing is working, and what is failing to work.

This 2-minute guide shows you how to give Google Analytics access so I can see the data to optimize your marketing:

Step 1

Sign into Google Analytics.

If you don’t know the right email that uses your website’s analytics, log in then see if you’re signed up to Google Analytics. Otherwise you’ll have to ask your webmaster.

Step 2

Click “Admin” on the bottom-left then go to “User Management” on the first “Account” column.

Google Analytics user management

Step 3

Type the email seen in the image below then check “Edit”, “Collaborate”, “Read & Analyze”, and “Manager Users”. The “Manager Users” permission is required to allow Digital Darts team members to compile custom reports to spot growth opportunities. Also check the “Notify this user by email” option so I get an email about the access.

How to give Google Analytics access to a user

Click the “Add” button then you’re done.

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