Google Campaign URL Builder

The Google Campaign URL Builder tool below attaches the correct UTM tracking parameters to any link. All your marketing can be tracked in Google Analytics with this tool.

URLs promoted in marketing materials like Facebook posts or emails, not setup with the correct parameters manifest itself in the abyss of “Direct” traffic. Every store should use the campaign URL builder tool to gather more data for insight into campaign performance.

If you’d like to refer back to all your campaign links to see what each means, feel free to copy and use my Google Spreadsheet.

Note the campaign source, campaign medium and campaign name must be used.

Enter the link for your store

(referrer: google, citysearch, newsletter4)

(marketing medium: cpc, banner, email)

(product, promo code, or slogan)

(identify the paid keywords)

(use to differentiate ads)

The final link to use:

The Google Campaign URL Builder provided here is a tool for tracking URLs in Google Analytics that is not related or affiliated with Google.