The Ultimate Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization Guide to Increase Your Shopify Sales

September 23, 2015

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization CoverYou want more visitors to buy from your Shopify store, but don’t know where to begin. There is a lot of theory, case studies, and bad advice out there about what you can do to increase your ecommerce conversion rate.

I wrote the guide to Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization so you have everything in one place to turn more visitors into customers. The mega guide also shows you step-by-step how to increase the profit of your store by increasing your average order value and lifetime value of customers.

These are devastatingly the best growth hacks to double and triple your profits from existing traffic.

Here is the Shopify-growth lessons revealed in the 19,000-word guide:

Part 1: Introduction and Principles

See why this could be the most important ecommerce guide you ever read with the principles to turn more traffic into paying customers. Learn how to get the most out of the guide and test any theory about what is best for your Shopify store.

Part 2: Positioning

Get your positioning right and the rest flows to create a greasy chute that nabs sale after sale. I’m horrified at how no other conversion guide or book discusses this lifeline of ecommerce success.

Part 3: Design

A beautiful store is not one that gets you sales. Amazon is ugly yet functionally brilliant. The crux of good ecommerce design is revenue. Discover the design principles any store can use to jack up sales.

Part 4: Technical

If your visitors cannot convert, they cannot convert. Learn the tactics without being a coder yourself to speed up your store, spot mobile device issues within one minute on thousands of phones, hunt down broken links, and bandage other problems that stop sales.

Part 5: Product

Get simple tactics to improve your products and make them desirable. Also understand the anatomy of a high-converting product page that make your products sell like hotcakes.

Part 6: Pricing

Price strategies are the quickest, most-guaranteed method to affect your profit overnight. Mathematically maximize your profit with simple price strategies.

Part 7: Checkout

At last fix the problems your store has with cart abandonment, get customers to buy more, and help your fans build your business for you.

Go on, get started. Click here to read the ultimate guide to Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization.

I keep all my guides up-to-date as I want them to be the best resource for Shopify stores to grow. If fresh ecommerce research reveals a new trend in online purchase behavior or I discover a new tactic for a Shopify client that transformed more visitors into customers, you will get it in the guide.

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Joshua Uebergang is founder and Head of Strategy at Digital Darts. He helps Shopify stores get more of the right visitors and convert them into sales. At 6'9", yes, he plays basketball. Get extra tips and tricks from him to build your ecommerce store by entering your email below.

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